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PA podcast: Listen to associate solicitor, Natasha Beck, discuss the right to refuse entry/service

23 August 2023

A deeper understanding of your right to refuse entry and service on your premises


PA podcast: Listen to partner, James Anderson, discuss how to handle drunk customers

03 May 2023

A deeper understanding of noise complaints and how to deal with them

Podcast, Premises licence

PA podcast: Listen to licensing associate solicitor, Suraj Desor, discuss premises licence applications

26 October 2022

A deeper understanding of premises licence applications and mistakes to avoid

Age, Podcast

PA podcast: employing young people with Natasha Beck

08 February 2022

Employing young people in pubs, bars and restaurants

Music & noise, Podcast

PA podcast: Noise issues with licensing solicitor, Imogen Moss

01 February 2022

Noise issues and how to avoid them

Off-sales, Podcast

PA podcast: Home deliveries with licensing solicitor Suraj Desor

25 January 2022

Home deliveries and their licensing requirements

PA news, Podcast

Raising the Bar: Peter Marks from REKOM UK discusses the late night sector and more

09 December 2021

The late night sector, Peter's experience during the pandemic and what it's like to feature on The Undercover Boss

Podcast, Temporary event notice

PA podcast: Suraj Desor, discuss temporary event notices – TENs licence

30 November 2021

Temporary event notices, what they are, their limitations and some top tips

Gambling, Podcast

PA podcast: Listen to licensing solicitor, Felix Faulkner, discuss Safer Gambling Week

04 November 2021

Safer Gambling Week, 1st - 7th November 2021

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