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Cumulative impact policy

Cumulative impact policy

Update – Midlands local authority decides to let its cumulative impact policy lapse

12 October 2021

The local authority’s licensing committee agreed not to implement a new cumulative impact policy and allow the existing policy to…

Cumulative impact policy

Walsall extend cumulative impact areas in updated licensing policy

07 October 2021

A updated cumulative impact policy has been adopted by Walsall Council

Cumulative impact policy

Yet another Council removes its Cumulative Impact Policy

12 March 2021

Following in the footsteps of a number of other councils, the decision was to remove their existing Cumulative Impact Policy…

Cumulative impact policy

Council extends Cumulative Impact Areas

11 March 2021

Following Full Council approval of an updated cumulative impact assessment, impact areas have been extended

Cumulative impact policy

Liverpool City Council becomes latest Authority to remove their Cumulative Impact Policy Areas

04 February 2021

Liverpool City Council has made the decision to remove their existing Cumulative Impact Policy as part of their recent Licensing…

Cumulative impact policy

More Councils removing Cumulative Impact Policy Areas

19 January 2021

Trafford and Hereford remove their Cumulative Impact Policy Areas

Cumulative impact policy

Midlands Council removes Cumulative Impact Policies under new interim licensing policy

03 December 2020

Following consultation all Cumulative Impact Policies for designated areas currently in force have been removed

Cumulative impact policy

Two councils set to remove cumulative impact policy areas

01 December 2020

Following consultation in regard to their licensing policies a decision has been made to remove the cumulative impact policy areas

Cumulative impact policy

Bristol consulting on new Cumulative Impact Area around City Centre

01 October 2020

The previous 6 Cumulative Impact areas were removed on the 1st August 2020

Cumulative impact policy

Bristol set to remove all Cumulative Impact Policies

15 July 2020

The move has been approved by the full council and is to take effect from 1st August 2020

Cumulative impact policy

Brighton and Hove City Council urged to include Central Hove in the Council’s ‘Special Stress Area’

10 August 2018

Local Councillors have called for action to include Central Hove in their ‘Special Stress Area’ prompting a review of Brighton…

Cumulative impact policy

Cumulative Impact Policies – Onwards, Upwards, Outwards

17 March 2016

Cumulative impact policies can be extremely difficult to overcome

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