Appeals and Judicial Reviews

You can appeal against the decision of a licensing committee

Licensing decisions in the first instance are made by local authority licensing committees.

An applicant, objector or a Premises Licence Holder who is dissatisfied with the outcome will be able to appeal to the local Magistrates Court or alternatively, in certain situations, seek a challenge in the High Court by way of Judicial Review. This is to review a decision or a proposal by the Licensing Authority to introduce a cumulative impact policy for example.

Appeals can be very costly and if unsuccessful, the applicant may well be ordered to pay the legal coss of the Licensing Authority.

The appeal is a new hearing, a hearing "de novo", when evidence not placed before the Licensing Authority or which relates to the period between the Licensing Authority's decision and the appeal can be introduced.

For further information if you wish to challenge any decision, please contact one of our solicitors.