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Absence of a personal licence holder

Authorising your staff to sell alcohol

It is recommended that Personal Licence holders give specific written authorisation to individuals that they are authorised to retail alcohol.

A single written authorisation would be sufficient to cover multiple sales over an unlimited period. Keep the authorisation up to date as staff join and leave. Also ensure the form is readily to hand.

A suggested form of words is as follows:

Authorisation for supply of alcohol

I, [your full name], being a personal licence holder, hereby authorise:-

[staff full name]

[staff full name]

[staff full name]

[staff full name]

To make sales of alcohol under the terms of our premises licence and subject to restrictions under the Licensing Act 2003 at [business name], [full address] for so long as [she][he] is employed by to work at that address or until this authorisation is withdrawn, whichever is sooner.

Signed: ______________________________


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