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Staff caught speeding

What should you do if you are caught speeding?

Imagine this scenario: You are an Area Manager covering 15 pubs in a large geographical area. You travel approximately 40,000 miles per year. Over the years, you have had to pay the occasional Fixed Penalty Notice for speeding offences which seem to go with the territory.

Recently, you have been on a fairly bad run. You already have six penalty points on your licence and received a notification last week of another one where you were doing 43mph in a 30mph limit.

Today you have received another for travelling at 82mph on the motorway.

Would you know what to do?

Each speeding offence carries a minimum points endorsement of 3 penalty points. It may be possible to accept a Fixed Penalty for the first offence and endorsement of 3 penalty points but the second one will definitely result in a court summons. It cannot be dealt with by way of a Fixed Penalty if your licence already has 9 points on it, which it will have by the time the first offence is endorsed.

The second offence will take you to 12 penalty points. You cannot have 12 penalty points and the Magistrates’ must consider disqualifying you from driving. The minimum period of disqualification is six months.

The only argument which can be mounted in your favour is one of “exceptional hardship”. This could take into account the fact that you would lose your job if you lost your licence and be unable to pay your mortgage. You may have elderly relatives who rely upon your ability to drive to ferry them to and from medical treatment.

You need to see a Solicitor. The case needs to be carefully prepared and presented to the Magistrates. With the right advice you may have one final chance to drive within the speed limit.

Once again good high quality legal advice is essential.

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