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Introduction to reviews & enforcement

How can we help you with your Reviews and Enforcement issues?

Once you have the relevant licences and you’re running your business it is important to be aware of the responsibilities that brings and the pitfalls that can await you.

The spotlight is often much focused on the licensed trade and complaints or visits from the local authorities, Environmental Health Officer and the Police may result in what we commonly describe as enforcement which can lead to a review of a licence or prosecution.

It can be a neighbour flagging noise concerns, an officer visiting and noticing some licence compliance irregularities, an underage customer or a scuffle in your premises or a more significant serious crime and disorder event.

Once a concern is identified or an incident occurs it will have an enforcement response – this could be a verbal warning, a meeting with the local authority or police, a written warning or may be an immediate review. There are many scenarios but the key is to identify the concern and seek advice as soon as possible to avoid more serious enforcement action.

Some of these issues may constitute regulatory crime as many of the above issues can lead to what is known as regulatory offences . These can ultimately be prosecuted under criminal law in the Magistrates’ Courts (with the exception of reviews that are dealt with by the local authority).

Prosecutions can give rise to large fines running into thousands of pounds and many powers of closure which can be exercised against your business so it’s essential to have the right procedures in place to ensure you trade lawfully and within the terms of your Licence permission.

How to get in touch

Our expert solicitors are on hand to provide advice on these types of matters.  For more information please see our Team page.

In case of any licensing emergencies which are out of hours (whether you are a client of not) you can contact Licence999, our emergency helpline telephone number.  For more information please see the Licence999 website


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