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Helping a nightclub defend a summary review

How we helped a nightclub group successfully appeal a revoked premises licence

One of the largest capacity night clubs in the Midlands had a history of incidents and, after a serious knife incident, the police brought a summary review, resulting in the local council suspending the nightclub’s premises licence for 3 weeks.

The police also successfully secured a revocation at a full review; meaning the club lost its licence, but had 21 days to appeal against this decision or its premise licence would have been permanently revoked.

During this period one of our clients wanted to buy the club but as its premises licence was revoked, they were very nervous about acquiring a club that might have to close down permanently.

The legal value we added:

Partner Jonathan Smith immediately transferred the revoked premises licence into our clients name, lodged an appeal against the revocation and started negations with the police, the existing club and the licensing authority.

At a further review, Jonathan explained how our client would solve the issues that the existing club was experiencing and would, ultimately, run a successful club that operated within the Licensing Objectives.

Despite the seriousness of the incident, Jonathan was successful and the police and licensing authority compromised the revocation appeal and allowed our client to run the nightclub.

Subsequently there has been £1.4m invested into the nightclub.

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