Training Testimonials

What our clients say about our training sessions

Committee Training - Natasha Beck (Solicitor / Trainer)

The training on Thursday was really fantastic – several members of staff said it was the best Licensing Training they’d ever received! Everyone was very positive and the Councillors were engaged throughout.

It was a brilliant delivery, Natasha was very knowledgeable and allowed plenty of time for Q&A and had lots of examples and case studies which made it interesting for all.
Briony Williamson - Senior Licensing Officer, Folkestone & Hythe District Council

Committee Training - Lisa Sharkey (Partner / Trainer)

I would like to pass on my thanks for the training you provided to officers and members of the Council last week. 

I have had a number of telephone calls and emails saying how good the training was and the Chairman of the Licensing Committee informed me that the training was excellent. 

Thanks again and I look forward to using Poppleston Allen again in the future.
Alan Shone - Consumer Protection Manager, Knowsley Council

Committee Training - Andy Grimsey (Solicitor/Trainer)

The councillors found Andy's presentation and the mock hearing very informative and gave them food for thoughtHorsham District Council

APLH - London David Bittiner (Solicitor/Trainer)

The course was very useful and clear, great teacherOmar Gil - Benito's Hat

APLH - London David Bittiner (Solicitor/Trainer)

A lot of information delivered well given in the time available. Good Idea to have the mock exam to review contentMario Pontelli - Shangri-La-Hotel

APLH - London David Bittiner (Solicitor/Trainer)

For a course which runs from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm our tutor kept us engaged for the whole time, good on himLuke Wood - Ask Italian

APLH - Nottingham, Helen Towsey (Trainer)

Although covering important information it was delivered in a friendly and easy to understand way. The slides were to the point but Helen expanded and answered all questions giving examples that would be relevant to my businessCharlotte King

ALPG - London, Nick Arron (Solicitor)

Nick was extremely knowledgeable and gave relevant examples. Very GoodClaire Meakin - East Staffordshire Borough Council

APLH - Nottingham, Helen Towsey (Trainer)

Comfortable and Friendly. I did feel that the course was clear and I was able to answer most questions correctlySusan Marong

APLH - Nottingham, Helen Towsey (Trainer)

Good effective knowledge based trainingRobert Dunn - Dunn-Lite Foods Ltd

APLH - London, Dave Bittiner (Solicitor/Trainer)

Great course which pretty much answered most of the queries I had and feel confident about my duties as a personal licence holderKhovin Jhowry

APLH - London, Dave Bittiner (Solicitor/Trainer)

I just wanted to thank you for a great day. David was engaging and very knowledgeable. He pitched the presentation perfectly for the variety of experience and backgrounds for those in the roomStewart Jones - Mitchell & Butler

APLH - London, Dave Bittiner (Solicitor/Trainer)

He was outstanding, make everyone felt comfortable and he's teaching skills are amazingRene Andria - The Gallery Soho

APLH - London, Dave Bittiner (Solicitor/Trainer)

Fantastic Tutor! One of the most interesting and well delivered courses

APLH - Nottingham, Helen Towsey (Trainer)

Brilliant, Straight forward, FunKirsty Markin

APLH - Nottingham, Helen Towsey (Trainer)

Very good atmosphere, clean and tidy environment, tutor was excellent, very clear training, ExcellentNichole Eastman, The Grapes

APLH - London, Dave Bittiner (Solicitor/Trainer)

A very useful day!Tim Owers, Crown Golf

APLH - Nottingham, Helen Towsey (Trainer)

I completed a personal license course with Poppleston Allen and they really looked after everyone, ensuring that the day was interesting whilst being entertaining." Wendy Baird, The Picnic Basket

APLH - London, Dave Bittiner (Solicitor/Trainer)

I thoroughly enjoyed the day; it was a lovely little group, Dave (the tutor) was fantastic, and I liked the venue.

APLH - Nottingham, Helen Towsey (Trainer)

Lots of new information learnt to be put into practice at workDanielle Scullion, The Copper Beech

ADPS - Nottingham, Nick Landells (Trainer)

The course was really good with the content and further explanations given by the tutor. The fact has a background knowledge of the industry was an advantage from a legal pointAlain-Andre Job, The African Centre

Committee Training - Ashford Borough Council, Nick Landells (Trainer)

The day provided members of the Licensing Committee, particularly the new members, with a thorough overview, not only of the implications of the Licensing Act, but also the difficulties that can arise with its application.

The mock hearing in the afternoon session was extremely valuable to new members as it presented them with the kind of challenges that they are going to face in the future.

All those who took part in the training day agreed that it had been most informative and stimulating and that this was entirely due to the way you organised and presented the material to be covered.

Many thanks once again for providing us with such an excellent training day.
Cllr. Goddard, Chair of Licensing, Ashford Borough Council

ARAR - Blaenau Gwent, Nick Landells (Trainer)

I found it very informative and I will use the information to further train my own staff. We feel more confident now about our responsibilities working at a licensed premises and are grateful for the chance to attend the training.Patricia Dann, Kidz-R-Us

APLH - Birmingham

I have to say that the quality of the training and the venue were second to none; I don't think I have ever enjoyed a course so muchNeil Ireland

NCPLH - David Bittiner (Trainer)

Tutor superb one of the best training days i've attended. Not looking forward to it but turned out to be very interesting and enjoyableSamuel Kershaw, Tenpin

Nick is an excellent trainer who comfortably dealt with the wide range of existing knowledge among the members and officers that took the course and exam. He managed to guide all the trainees through a tough and demanding day and while some members found the course very challenging, all found it very rewarding.

More importantly the course will provide the members with an excellent base of knowledge to undertake their role under the Licensing Act 2003 and I would wholeheartedly recommend the course to officers and members in local authorities."
James Hann, Licensing Manager, Ashford Borough Council

An impressive pass rate, but that's what you'd expect from such a respected companyPhil Dixon CMBII, Advisor to the BII

I just wanted to thank you for the tuition you provided. I think you did an excellent job, you had just the right balance between focussed learning, anecdotes to keep people's interest going for the day, and practical advice on the real world beyond the text book.

Thank you very much, I will have no hesitation recommending you.
Julian Copper GE HealthCare

Excellent walkthrough of all relevant information - a well broken up day too

Very well informed trainer who prepared us well for the examination

Trainer was excellent, very well presented course

The training itself was great - everything was very clearly explained, whilst keeping a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere

I attended your course in Leeds a few months back and I've finally got my personal licence! So thank you.

Firstly, a huge thank you for yesterday's course. I learned a lot more than I was expecting to, and I felt you delivered the content incredibly well."

I would also like to add that the course you covered was not only informative but was a pleasure to sit through. You told it the way it was in black and white and though apprehensive at the start I found myself fully confident as the day went by as I hope my marks on the test reflect."

I'm writing to thank you for the Personal Licence training seminar you facilitated at the Civil Service Club on September 20th. You turned an otherwise e boring subject matter into an interesting session. I also appreciated your advice and suggestions for our premises licence application as well. I've since submitted our application and things are looking very promising.