Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Licence Holders (APLH)

Q What is the APLH?
A Award for Personal Licence Holders (this was previously know as the NCPLH - National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders).

Q Where do you run the Personal Licence courses?
A We cover the whole of the UK.  Please see our APLH course page for venues and dates.

Q What kind of exam is the APLH? Is it written or practical?
A This is a written exam optional A B C or D

Q How long does the course take?
A The course normally starts at 10am and is finished by 4pm

Q What does the exam entail?
A There is a 40 question exam, all multiple choice. To pass, you must answer 28 out of 40 questions correctly

Q Can you come to my premises to deliver the course?
A Yes, subject to a minimum of 4 candidates.

Q What is the success rate?
A At present, we have a pass rate in excess of 99%

Q How much does the course cost?
A The normal cost of a Personal Licence course is £150 + vat if paid by credit card or booked online. For group and corporate bookings this can be reduced to as little as £140 plus vat (subject to conditions)

Q What does this cost include?
A This includes the handbook, the course itself, and the certificate for the qualification.

Q Are there any discounts?
A Group discounts are available and we can offer a discounted rate to students and those receiving benefits.

General Questions

Q What do I need to sell/serve alcohol?
A You need to have a Designated Premise Supervisor to authorise the sale of alcohol

Q What happens if I fail?
A If you do fail, you can resit the exam which can be booked at a fraction of the price of the full course.

Q What happens if I need to cancel or move my course booking?
A If you wish to cancel your booking, then you must give at least 10 working days notice to receive a full refund. For cancellations within 10 days or less a charge of £100 plus vat will be made.

Q Who needs to take the APLH?
A If you are planning on becoming the Designated Premise Supervisor then you will need to pass the APLH exam.

Q What does the APLH teach me?
A Everything you need to know to become a Personal Licence holder

Q Do I need any previous experience/qualifications to take the APLH?
A No previous experience/qualifications needed

Q What courses are available after the APLH is taken?
A You could consider taking the National Certificate for Designated Premise Supervisors which we run.

Q Are there any reasons why I might not be allowed a Personal Licence?
A There are relevant convictions which can stop you from holding a Personal Licence

Q Why do I need a Personal Licence?
A You need a Personal Licence for you to become the Designated Premise Supervisor

Q Is there a separate APLH for each country in the UK?
A No, except for Scotland when you will need the SCPLH

Q How long is a Personal Licence valid?
A Personal licences remain valid indefinitely.