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BIIAB Level 1 Award in Responsible Alcohol Retailing (ARAR)

This qualification was developed by the BIIAB in response to demand from the industry and its regulators to provide an assessed training programme for full and part-time staff working in all licensed premises.  A replacement for the Barpersons National Certificate, the qualification is suitable for all areas of the licensed retail.

The curriculum includes

  • The nature of alcohol, the common measurements of alcohol content and the effect that it has on the human body
  • The main issues in the 2003 Licensing Act as they relate to alcohol retailers and servers
  • The law and consequences of breach, in relation to the protection of children, the sale, consumption, and other activities, and recommended forms of proof of age within licensed premises
  • The importance of contributing as a socially responsible team member with regard to the promotion and service of alcohol, the consequences of breach of the law, and strategies which will help the responsible drink retailer
  • How best to recognise and handle drunkenness of customers and the importance of doing so in relation to the law and the social responsibilities relating to the sale of alcohol
  • The potential causes of conflict and crime, appropriate strategies that can be adopted to prevent or eliminate these and the importance of personal safety.

This half-day course combines pre-course self-study and a face-to-face classroom session, plus a 30 minute examination.

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