Licence2View is our secure website to check the progress of your applications, highlight issues, manage your licensing, and see the details of all your licences

Licence2View will keep you up-to-date by providing information on your own password-protected, dedicated web page combined with relevant eNews alerts on changes or clarification to the law. Your entire estate can be managed from a single location. Licence2View offers a real time view of licensing information for each premise in your estate including:-

  • Full copy of the premises licence
  • Specific important details extracted from the premises licence for greater convenience and accessibility
  • Specific documents related to your premises, for instance letters on enforcement action or adverse reports from authorities
  • A history of the applications for each premises
  • Details of other licences or permits, for example gaming machine permits and pavement licences
  • Contacts details for the Responsible Authorities for each premises

Licence2View can be merged with clients own information to create a single window on licensing, for instance details of door staff and CCTV installations. The traffic light system highlights issues so that problem premises can be prioritised, for instance where premises have failed a test purchase they would receive a red light. The advanced searches allow you to list premises by areas, brands, local authorities or responsible authorities, or indeed any criteria that suits your needs. If you have a problem with a particular council you can list all the premises in that area quickly and easily. Licence2View is an invaluable tool for licensed trade operators with all information securely retained and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Having worked closely with the team at Poppleston Allen since this project was at the conceptual stage, we were able to develop the product to suit our needs. The functionality now reflects the needs of the business.
Licence2View, when established, will save the business time and money - the system allows us to check the licensing position of any outlet, 24/7. This protects the business and ultimately, the licence for each location.