Applications On-line

Provides on-line guidance through every stage of the licence online application

Why use Applications online?

  • The service is excellent value and more cost-effective than applying through a solicitor in person
  • It speeds up the application process
  • Available on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Gives an on-screen gauge as to how much of the questionnaire has been completed
  • Provides on-line guidance through every stage of the licence application
  • Offers a free Q&A service from Poppleston Allen's team of licensing experts
  • Keeps all the required information in one secure place
  • Provides ongoing assistance for: a minimum of three years or premises licences; and 10 years for personal licences

Finally, Applications On-line will ensure you avoid making the same mistakes as other licensees, such as:

  • Using the wrong forms
  • Failing to check the council's policy
  • Neglecting to serve your application on the relevant licensing authorities

Applications On Line User Comments

The Personal Licence application was very straightforward - I had no problems at all. It only took me took about 10 mins to complete.Julian Hardy, The Alexandra Arms, Rugby
I was pleasantly surprised by the Application On-line process. I found the questionnaire easy to complete and it allowed me to achieve the operating schedule I was looking for. If I made a mistake when filling in the questionnaire, Applications On-line made it was very obvious what I had done wrong, so prevent me from submitting incorrect details.Jane Fairhill, Alex Nestling Ltd.
Using Applications On-line we successfully completed the licensing forms with no problems. We found them very easy to complete.Peter Green, The Anchor Inn, Caunsal