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News: Revised tariff fees relating to entertainment with dancing and/or the provision of dance facilities 21 Mar 2019

Specially Featured Entertainment tariff fees increasing on 1 July 2019

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Top Tips: How to get the best from your beer garden

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Can I use internet music services in my pub?

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Do I need to vary my licence?

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What licensing issues do I need to consider?

News: Live and Recorded Music 20 Apr 2015

Live and recorded music is generally licensable under the Licence Act 2003 but there are many exemptions

News: Entertainment Exemptions under the Licensing Act from 6th April 2015 06 Apr 2015

Entertainment Exemptions under the Licensing Act from 6th April 2015

Q & A: That's entertainment 30 Oct 2014

What does "facilities for making music mean"?

News: Entertainment Deregulation moves a step closer 17 Oct 2014

Government's Entertainment Deregulation proposals update

News: Draft Order laid detailing further Entertainment Deregulation 09 Jul 2014

Draft Order laid to Further Deregulate Entertainment

Q & A: Live Music Limitations 17 Apr 2014

Does the "audience" figure of 200 people include staff?

Smoking Problems and Noise 04 Dec 2013

How to manage smoking at your premisis

Noise 04 Dec 2013

Here's what you need to know about noise issues at your premises

The Live Music Act 2012 29 Nov 2013

Here is what you need to know about hosting live or recorded music at your premises

Other Forms of Licences 29 Nov 2013

Playing recorded music or showing films/DVDs will require additional licences

Festivals 28 Nov 2013

The ten key points for beer and food festivals, marquees and music festivals