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News: More Detail on Government’s Response to HoL Committee 07 Nov 2017

Further detail on Government’s Response

News: Government Response to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Licensing Act 2003 Published 06 Nov 2017

Government responds in detail to the House of Lords Committee’s recommendations

News: House of Lords Select Committee Report on The Licensing Act 2003 Published 04 Apr 2017

The House of Lords Select Committee on The Licensing Act 2003 publishes its report on the post-legislative scrutiny of the Licensing Act 2003

News: Council to reconsider EMRO? 25 Jan 2016

If approved, licensed premises would have to cease selling alcohol at 02:00

Town Guide 22 Apr 2015

Details about Early Morning Restriction Orders (EMROs) broken down by Local Authority

The Poppleston Allen Late Night Licensing Survey 22 Apr 2015

We contacted almost every Licensing Authority (LA) in England and Wales in order to assess their views and current proposals for the Late Night Levy (the Levy) and Early Morning Restriction Orders

News: Home Office publish statistics on licensing 11 Dec 2014

The Home Office today published The National Statistics figures for Alcohol and Late Night Refreshment Licensing England and Wales 2013/14.

Hot topic: Early Morning Restriction Orders (EMROs) 28 Nov 2013

An EMRO allows the Licensing Authority to restrict the early morning sale of alcohol if they consider this appropriate for the promotion of the licensing objectives