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News: Compliance with licence conditions on reopening 23 Jun 2020

With the hospitality industry set to reopen from the 4th of July there are many questions on how to navigate compliance with licence conditions

News: Coronavirus: Pre-Opening Checklist 15 May 2020

Poppleston Allen’s checklist to reopening your premises

News: LGA publishes Licensing Act Handbook for Councillors (England and Wales) 01 Aug 2019

New Guidebook for councillors on Licensing Act

News: The Scottish Government issue advice to Personal Licence Holders for renewal applications. 08 Aug 2018

In preparation for Personal Licence renewals due in September 2019, the Scottish Government has issued a communication for Personal Licence Holders whose licences were granted up to 1st September 2009

News: Scottish Government consults on introduction of personal licence renewal fee 17 Jul 2018

The Scottish Government is inviting comments on the proposal to introduce a fee for applying to renew a Personal Licence and, if a fee were to be introduced, what the appropriate fee should be.

News: Supreme Court hands down decision on minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland 15 Nov 2017

The UK Supreme Court has today handed down a decision on the Scottish Parliament’s desire to introduce a 50p per unit minimum price for alcohol.

News: Home Office announces change to application procedure 04 May 2017

Home Office provides advice on the amended forms to change a Designated Premises Supervisor

News: Home Office issues revised Licensing Act 2003 Guidance 07 Apr 2017

The Home Office has today published its revised Guidance to the Licensing Act 2003 following recent changes

Premises licence query 13 Feb 2017

Can a DPS be named on more than one Premises Licence?

Can I be a DPS at more than one premises? 31 Oct 2016

Do I need to employ a second Personal Licence Holder?

Holiday allowance for a Designated Premises Supervisor 17 Oct 2016

Do I have to notify the Local Authority?

Designated Premises Supervisor Q&A 25 Jul 2016

How do I deal with a prolonged absence?

News: London Borough of Hackney to consult on introducing a Late Night Levy 21 Jul 2016

Consultation will take place between September to December 2016

News: Details of the first successful prosecution for “below cost selling” have been published 31 May 2016

A Gateshead shopkeeper has been convicted of below cost selling in contravention of the mandatory conditions in relation to counterfeit vodka sold at his shop premises.

News: Further details about Queen’s Birthday extended Hours 27 Apr 2016

Further information about what licensable activities are extended on 10th and 11th June 2016.

News: How would you describe the model licensee? 07 Apr 2016

Top Tips - qualities to look for in a DPS.

News: Gambling Act changes cut Lottery red tape 07 Apr 2016

Deregulation of low level lotteries permits raising of charitable funds

News: The role of the DPS 25 Feb 2016

Selling alcohol without a licensed DPS could lead to a jail sentence

Q & A: Application for designated premises supervisor 01 Oct 2015

Can I be a designated premises superviser at two premises?

Q & A: Personal Licence Holders 30 Apr 2015

Must personal licence holders be on duty at all times?

Reviews 04 Dec 2013

The Licensing Authority can review a Premises Licence at any time

Variation of a Licence 04 Dec 2013

The plans of the premises form part of the Premises Licence and should be sent out by the Licensing Authority

Designated Premises Supervisor 03 Dec 2013

There must be a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) for all premises selling alcohol

Top Tips for Taking on a New Premises 03 Dec 2013

Here are our hints and tips for anyone taking on on a new licensed premises