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News: Licensed premises can now open indoors in Wales 03 Aug 2020

Further relaxation in Wales for pubs and restaurants

News: Government issues guidance on collecting records for Test and Trace 03 Jul 2020

More detail on how and when customer and visitor data should be collected

News: Government introduces new Bill for pavement licences and off-sales 25 Jun 2020

Further relaxation for outdoor food and drink consumption planned in new legislation

News: Government Guidance on Pubs, Bars and Restaurants - some initial thoughts 25 Jun 2020

Our view of some of the main issues raised by the recent guidance

News: Government issues long-awaited COVID Guidance for licensed premises in England 24 Jun 2020

New Government Guidance details steps licensed businesses must take to remain safe

News: Home Office today announce planned consultation on new anti-terror laws for venues 24 Feb 2020

The proposal is expected to be out for public consultation this Spring

News: Big Mamma Opens Italian Trattoria in London, Shoreditch 25 Feb 2019

Paris-based restaurant group Big Mamma opens its first London venture called Gloria in Shoreditch

News: How could Brexit affect licensing laws for pubs? 09 Jul 2018

Brexit effects on Licensing laws with less than 9 months to go.

News: Hostile Transfers 06 Nov 2017

Regaining a premises licence from a former tenant can cost landlords dearly

Maximising Trading Potential 09 Oct 2017

What are your options for maximising your trade?

News: Shadow Licences - The Landlord's Safety Net 25 Sep 2017

Can more than one party hold a Premises Licence?

News: Tougher Enforcement... 21 Sep 2017

for Food Business Operators in Nottingham

Freedom of Choice 21 Sep 2017

Choose the Lawyers You Want!

Q & A: Displaying Notices 24 Aug 2017

I have made an application for a new premises licence for a bar and restaurant premises which I recently purchased...

Live Boxing Events 21 Aug 2017

How do I go about showing a live boxing event?

News: Putting you on notice 21 Aug 2017

Top Tips - know your obligations when notices are to be displayed

Extending Trade Area 07 Aug 2017

Can I use my basement area for functions or busy periods?

News: Reducing potential of terrorism at your pub 07 Aug 2017

Top Tips - useful guidelines to follow on reducing violence at licensed premises

News: Do we like pubs or not? 07 Aug 2017

Pubs can bring investment to an entire area

Under 18's and the consumption of alcohol 24 Jul 2017

I run a family pub, what is the legal position on consumption of alcohol for under 18's?

The Benefits of a Premises Licence 24 Jul 2017

Can I run a restaurant without the benefit of a Premises Licence?

News: Dust Those Notices Down 20 Jul 2017

Keep Clean and Legal

News: Super 8 Restaurants 20 Jul 2017

Overcoming objections to secure green light for new venue

Q & A: Out with the old… 04 Jul 2017

What if I have old Licensing Act 1964 conditions on my licence?

News: New premises licence granted in Southwark 01 Jun 2017

Objections overturned pave way for new London Hotel Bar

Extending my premises 22 May 2017

What do I need to consider?

Trading Later Hours 22 May 2017

Don't assume anything with opening hours.

News: Permissions 22 May 2017

Top Tips - What to consider when changing your operation

Old Embedded Conditions 27 Mar 2017

Do I need to submit a minor variation to remove old embedded conditions?

News: Roof Terrace 27 Mar 2017

Top Tips - how an outside roof area may appeal to your customers

Q & A: Premises to be leased 27 Mar 2017

My lease is subject to the grant of a Premises Licence

Notice Requirements 27 Feb 2017

Is my notice defective?

Premise Licence Holder query 13 Feb 2017

Does the Premises Licence Holder have to be present on the premises at all times?

Late-night boxing 30 Jan 2017

What do I need to consider if I want to stay open to shown late-night boxing to my customers?

News: Intoxication Policy 30 Jan 2017

Top Tips for devising an effective intoxication policy

News: Behind the Bar or Behind Bars this Christmas? 05 Dec 2016

Operators and staff of licensed premises have an obligation to prevent crime and disorder and promote public safety

Premises Licence Application Advert 28 Nov 2016

Which newspaper is suitable to publish my application notice in?

Race Night 28 Nov 2016

You can hold events where participants stake money on live, recorded or virtual races

News: Appeal against decision of Licensing Committee 14 Nov 2016

What are the timescales and what is the procedure?

News: Poker's Continued Popularity 17 Oct 2016

Top tips on how to deal with poker games in the correct way

Giving up the Licence 03 Oct 2016

I am about to retire should I surrender my Premises Licence?

Licence for hire 03 Oct 2016

The organisers of a wedding event wish to use my Premises Licence.

Prevention of Crime and Disorder 19 Sep 2016

Am I at risk of losing my premises licence?

Variation of Premises Licence - Extending Hours 19 Sep 2016

Local residents may lodge an appeal to the grant of my licence - will I be at risk of having to pay costs?

News: Dangermouse 19 Sep 2016

Top Tips on how to avoid food safety offences

News: War on London’s late night venues or demand for higher standards 19 Sep 2016

Issues faced by Fabric point to a wider problem of how we protect London's night-time economy

Evidence deadlines for hearings 05 Sep 2016

Can I produce evidence on the day of the hearing?

News: Record and Report 05 Sep 2016

Top Tips - How to ensure your incident book is detailed and complete

Personal Licence and SIA (Security Industry Authority) Licence 22 Aug 2016

Do I need to tell the authorities about an assault charge?

News: Trying to find the right balance 22 Aug 2016

Is the balance fair between operators, the authorities and the local residents?

Admittance of Children in Pubs 08 Aug 2016

Can I allow children into my pub?

News: Police Powers 30 Jun 2016

The police have powers to close multiple licensed premises to prevent disorder

Q & A: Pub Betting Regulations 23 Jun 2016

Can customers log into their own mobile betting accounts whilst sat in my pub?

News: First Line of Defence 23 Jun 2016

Door staff are often the first point of contact for customers when they approach a pub

Change of Use 16 Jun 2016

Which licence do I apply for first: planning or licensing?

News: Time for a change 16 Jun 2016

Top Tips on the processes for changing the terms of your premises licence

News: Setting Boundaries 16 Jun 2016

Even though something is legal, you may your own policies and procedures to prohibit and activity.

Q & A: When door staff numbers do not add up 09 Jun 2016

How do I request a change to a condition in relation to door staff numbers?

News: Search Policies 26 May 2016

Top Tips: Having a good search policy can help your pub stay open

Extended licensing hours for the Queen's 90th Birthday 19 May 2016

Does this apply to me?

News: The Lottery of a Licensing Appeal 19 May 2016

Appeal hearings - what you need know.

Q & A: Negative "vetting" 12 May 2016

The police are threatening to review my licence

Q & A: The 499 People Rule 12 May 2016

I am proposing an event for 800, what should I do?

News: Preparations for the summer weather 12 May 2016

Top Tips - How to make of your outdoor spaces

News: Further Details on the Queen's Birthday Celebrations 12 May 2016

Two hour extension available to licensed premises on each day

Q & A: Can I serve drinks from a camper van? 05 May 2016

What permissioon do I need?

News: Alfresco Entertainment 05 May 2016

Top Tips: How to get the best from your beer garden

News: Making Plans for Nigel 05 May 2016

Treat your plans the same way you do your licensed hours and your conditions

News: Draft Order relaxing licensing hours for Queen’s Birthday now approved by Parliament 05 May 2016

The draft Order relaxing licensing hours has now been approved

News: Further details about Queen’s Birthday extended Hours 27 Apr 2016

Further information about what licensable activities are extended on 10th and 11th June 2016.

News: Employing Illegal Workers in Licensed Premises 15 Apr 2016

High Court restore Licensing Authority Decision to Revoke Premises Licence

News: Government Issues Draft Regulations Extending Hours for Queen’s Birthday 14 Apr 2016

Extension of hours for on-licences on 10th and 11 June 2016

Q & A: Premises Licence and Insolvent / Dissolved Companies 07 Apr 2016

Is there a risk that the premises licence could have lapsed?

News: How would you describe the model licensee? 07 Apr 2016

Top Tips - qualities to look for in a DPS.

News: Additional Pub Hours for Queen’s Birthday Coinciding with England’s and Wales’ Euro Opener 07 Apr 2016

Stay up for the big kick-off

News: Noise Impact from Existing Businesses on Residential Developments 31 Mar 2016

Potential noise must be assessed before offices are changed to dwellings

News: Drugs 31 Mar 2016

Top Tips on dealing with the use of illegal drugs in your premises.

Q & A: Variation of an external area within the red line 24 Mar 2016

Do I need to submit a variation to include an external area?

Q & A: Music Services 24 Mar 2016

Can I use internet music services in my pub?

News: Dealing with Enforcement Action 24 Mar 2016

Top Tips: Cooperating with Licensing and Police Officers will make a difference

News: This is the way we like to do it here 03 Mar 2016

Each case must be reviewed on its individual merits.

News: Know the details before you purchase 15 Feb 2016

Top Tips on what to consider when acquiring new premises to trade as a licensed venue

News: Court of Appeal allows substitution of correct Appellant in nightclub revocation case. 04 Feb 2016

Court of Appeal allows substitution of correct Appellant in nightclub revocation case.

Q & A: Fears over pub tenant 28 Jan 2016

A shadow licence provides complete protection to the landlord

Q & A: Transfer of a licence 26 Nov 2015

Is there a way of reinstating a surrendered licence?

News: Avoid faults for festive success 14 Nov 2015

Be proactive to ensure your operation is in order over the festive period

News: All fright on night 22 Oct 2015

Top Tips - Hosting a halloween event can be a great way to increase footfall as well as boosting profits

Q & A: Tenant will not consent to licence transfer 22 Oct 2015

Where does this leave me with regards to the operation of the premises and the premises licence?

News: Fighting the cause effect 03 Sep 2015

A representation against a variation must be about the effect of it on the licensing objectives.

News: The impact of public health 20 Aug 2015

The work of public health teams will enhance the decision-making process for those applying for licences

When is it Appropriate to Impose Conditions 06 Aug 2015

Licensing Partner James Anderson Looks at When is it Appropriate to Impose Conditions on a Licence

Q & A: Preventing Underage Sales at your Premises 03 Aug 2015

A useful list of 12 tools you can use to ensure that you do not break the law or fail a test purchase

News: The London Restaurant and Casual Dining Market 03 Aug 2015

London Licensing Partners Clare Eames and Lisa Inzani take a look at the London Restaurant and Casual Dining Market; Trailblazers, Trends and Licensing Landscape

Licensing authority has refused layout wish 23 Jun 2015

Do the proposed alterations to my premises really undermine the licensing objectives?

Q & A: Fights at Premises 04 Jun 2015

The police are threatening to prosecute - what can I do?

Q & A: Threat to licence after noise complaints 04 Jun 2015

I have been served with a noise abatement notice - what can I do?

Q & A: Number of TENs allowed is going up - in 2016 28 May 2015

When will the new amount of TENs allowed come into force?

Q & A: Licensing preparations for a village festival 26 May 2015

What licensing issues do I need to consider?

News: Wetherspoons succeed in Newcastle on Levy Variation 24 Apr 2015

Wetherspoons successfully appeal in Newcastle on Levy Variation

Q & A: Clarity needed on home gaming machines played in pubs 16 Apr 2015

Can I put a WII or a Nintendo console in my pub?

Q & A: Capacity limitation has been removed from my licence 02 Apr 2015

Do capacities need to be stated on licences?

News: Decoding premises licences 02 Apr 2015

Decrypting a premises licences - here are some examples

Q & A: Is it the right time to sell hot food? 26 Feb 2015

I want to sell hot food until 11.30pm do I need to vary my licence?

Q & A: Can I show upcoming rugby matches on TV? 05 Feb 2015

Do I need regulated entertainment on my licence?

Q & A: Licence Review Request 15 Jan 2015

Can the police ask for a review following one incident at my premises?

Q & A: Late-Night barbeques 11 Dec 2014

Do I need to vary my premises licence?

Q & A: Selling alcohol online 11 Dec 2014

What type of licence do I need to sell alcohol online?

News: Mandatory Licensing Conditions Part 2 - Water / Age Policies / Measures 02 Jul 2014

Amended Mandatory Conditions to apply from 1st October 2014

Q & A: Do I need to vary my premises licence? 17 Jun 2014

I have a tables and chairs licence - do I need to vary my licence to sell alcohol?

Breach of Mandatory Conditions 04 Dec 2013

What happens if you breach the mandatory conditions of your licence?

Breach of Premises Licence Conditions 04 Dec 2013

What should you do if you find yourself in a Breach of Premises Licence Conditions situation?

Breaching Your Licence 04 Dec 2013

Breaching your licence can result in an unlimited fine and/or six months in prison

Reviews 04 Dec 2013

The Licensing Authority can review a Premises Licence at any time

Variation of a Licence 04 Dec 2013

The plans of the premises form part of the Premises Licence and should be sent out by the Licensing Authority

Insolvency or Death 03 Dec 2013

When a Premises Licence Holder becomes insolvent, the holder of the licence dies or is no longer entitled to work in the United Kingdom, the transfer of the premise licence can sometimes be overlooked

Top Tips for Taking on a New Premises 03 Dec 2013

Here are our hints and tips for anyone taking on on a new licensed premises

Application Fees 29 Nov 2013

Here's our guide to calculating Application Fees

Premises Licences 29 Nov 2013

A range of 'Licensable Activities' will require a Premises Licence

Mandatory Conditions 29 Nov 2013

Further changes were made to the mandatory conditions on Premises Licences and Club Premises Certificates on 10th October 2014

Club Premises Certificates 28 Nov 2013

The Club Premises Certificate is the mainstay of a club's operation

Appeals and Judicial Reviews 28 Nov 2013

You can appeal against the decision of a licensing committee

Cumulative Impact 28 Nov 2013

Licensing Authorities can adopt tougher restrictions in areas where unacceptable levels of crime, disorder or public nuisance have been identified

Hot topic: Early Morning Restriction Orders (EMROs) 28 Nov 2013

An EMRO allows the Licensing Authority to restrict the early morning sale of alcohol if they consider this appropriate for the promotion of the licensing objectives