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News: An advisory on Standard Conditions for Fast Track Pavement Licences under the Business & Planning Bill 21 Jul 2020

With the Business & Planning Bill likely to get Royal assent today here are some thoughts on how standard conditions will apply to the new fast track pavement licences

News: Compliance with licence conditions on reopening 23 Jun 2020

With the hospitality industry set to reopen from the 4th of July there are many questions on how to navigate compliance with licence conditions

News: Coronavirus: Pre-Opening Checklist 15 May 2020

Poppleston Allen’s checklist to reopening your premises

News: LGA publishes Licensing Act Handbook for Councillors (England and Wales) 01 Aug 2019

New Guidebook for councillors on Licensing Act

News: Right to Work – Changes to Licensing Forms 19 Dec 2018

New Application and Notice Forms for Licensed Applications following Updated List of Documents to Evidence of Individual’s Entitlement to Work in the UK.

News: Scottish government introduces fee for personal licence renewals 29 Aug 2018

The Licensing (Fees) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2018 has been laid before Scottish Parliament and will introduce the fee from October 2018

News: The Scottish Government issue advice to Personal Licence Holders for renewal applications. 08 Aug 2018

In preparation for Personal Licence renewals due in September 2019, the Scottish Government has issued a communication for Personal Licence Holders whose licences were granted up to 1st September 2009

News: Scottish Government consults on introduction of personal licence renewal fee 17 Jul 2018

The Scottish Government is inviting comments on the proposal to introduce a fee for applying to renew a Personal Licence and, if a fee were to be introduced, what the appropriate fee should be.

News: Government Issues Revised Statutory Guidance 01 May 2018

Government Issues Revised Statutory Guidance

News: Government publishes Draft Order for the Royal Wedding 26 Mar 2018

Government publishes Draft Order for the Royal Wedding

News: More Detail on Government’s Response to HoL Committee 07 Nov 2017

Further detail on Government’s Response

News: Government Response to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Licensing Act 2003 Published 06 Nov 2017

Government responds in detail to the House of Lords Committee’s recommendations

News: Home Office issues revised Licensing Act 2003 Guidance 07 Apr 2017

The Home Office has today published its revised Guidance to the Licensing Act 2003 following recent changes

News: Date Announced for Commencement of Changes to the Licensing Act 2003 20 Mar 2017

Date Announced for Commencement of Changes to the Licensing Act 2003

Can I be a DPS at more than one premises? 31 Oct 2016

Do I need to employ a second Personal Licence Holder?

Holiday allowance for a Designated Premises Supervisor 17 Oct 2016

Do I have to notify the Local Authority?

Personal licence holders query 05 Sep 2016

How many personal licence holders do I need?

Personal Licence and SIA (Security Industry Authority) Licence 22 Aug 2016

Do I need to tell the authorities about an assault charge?

Q & A: Lost Personal Licence 28 Apr 2016

How do I apply for a new one?

Q & A: Personal Licence Expiry Date 25 Feb 2016

Are we ok to ignore the expiry date shown on the personal licence?

Q & A: Possession of a personal licence 25 Feb 2016

Should a member of staff carry their personal licence with them?

Q & A: Nightclubs and Personal Licence Holders 08 Oct 2015

Do I need to have two personal licence holders to work at my club?

Owner is refusing to return personal licence 16 Jul 2015

What action can I take to get my personal licence returned to me?

Q & A: Personal licence fear 09 Jul 2015

Do I need something in writing from the Local Authority to confirm I do not now need to renew my personal licence?

Q & A: Appeal against decision of licensing committee 14 May 2015

Can I produce evidence on the day of the hearing?

Q & A: Is hosting a race night in my pub a safe bet for me? 07 May 2015

Is my licence at risk if I host a race night?

Q & A: Personal Licence Holders 30 Apr 2015

Must personal licence holders be on duty at all times?

News: Deregulation Bill finally receives Royal Assent 27 Mar 2015

Deregulation Bill received Royal Assent and became the Deregulation Act 2014.

Q & A: Intoxicating Powers 19 Feb 2015

What powers do I have to eject/exclude intoxicated people from my premises?

News: Personal licence quandary 29 Jan 2015

The unanswered questions

News: Home Office publishes revised application form for Personal Licence renewal 16 Dec 2014

The Government has finally published the regulations which now revise the form which must be used to renew Personal Licences from 5th January 2015, when the regulations come into force.

News: Government publishes fact sheets on Personal Licences 28 Nov 2014

Government publishes fact sheets on the renewal of Personal Licences

News: Bill abolishing Personal Licence renewal not to be earlier than spring 2015 17 Nov 2014

The Bill is to receive Royal Assent no earlier than spring 2015

Q & A: Personal licences and bankruptcy 31 Jul 2014

Will my personal licence be affected if I am made bankrupt?

News: When do Interim Steps cease? 25 Jul 2014

Judge Roscoe's recent decision confirms that Interim Steps continue until the end of the appeal process

Q & A: Conditions dilemma over surprise party 22 May 2014

If I hold a private event, do I have to comply with conditions on my licence?

Q & A: Personal licence application poser 22 May 2014

I am moving to England (from Scotland) can I apply for a personal licence?

Q & A: Personal licences due to expire in 2015 22 May 2014

What is the renewal process for personal licences?

Q & A: Separate licences for a joint venture 01 May 2014

Can I operate a table-dancing venue under my partners premises licence?

Breaching Your Licence 04 Dec 2013

Breaching your licence can result in an unlimited fine and/or six months in prison

Absence of a Personal Licence Holder 03 Dec 2013

Authorising your staff to sell alcohol

Personal Licences 29 Nov 2013

For the first time there are two separate licences; one for an individual and one for the premises.