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News: More Councils removing Cumulative Impact Policy Areas 19 Jan 2021

Trafford and Hereford remove their Cumulative Impact Policy Areas

News: An advisory on Standard Conditions for Fast Track Pavement Licences under the Business & Planning Bill 21 Jul 2020

With the Business & Planning Bill likely to get Royal assent today here are some thoughts on how standard conditions will apply to the new fast track pavement licences

News: Compliance with licence conditions on reopening 23 Jun 2020

With the hospitality industry set to reopen from the 4th of July there are many questions on how to navigate compliance with licence conditions

News: Coronavirus: Pre-Opening Checklist 15 May 2020

Poppleston Allen’s checklist to reopening your premises

News: More Detail on Government’s Response to HoL Committee 07 Nov 2017

Further detail on Government’s Response

News: Government Response to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Licensing Act 2003 Published 06 Nov 2017

Government responds in detail to the House of Lords Committee’s recommendations

Lack of CCTV coverage 07 Aug 2017

Am I required to have CCTV?

A Guide to Notices Displayed at Licensed Premises 25 Apr 2017

A detailed guide about how to display notices at a licensed premise

Big Brother Breakdown 06 Mar 2017

Is my licence at risk if part of my CCTV system breaks down?

News: Tip Tips on the use of CCTV 11 Jul 2016

What are your responsibilities in terms of the data you hold by way of CCTV footage?

Q & A: Support my assertions 21 Apr 2016

What should I consider producing as part of my evidence?

News: Dealing with Enforcement Action 24 Mar 2016

Top Tips: Cooperating with Licensing and Police Officers will make a difference

News: Royal Birthday Wishes 10 Mar 2016

Top Tips to consider for Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations

News: Getting the picture on CCTV 26 Nov 2015

Privacy or disclosure? Licensees can face competing duties on film footage

News: Handling a little local difficulty 12 Nov 2015

Top tips on managing incidents at your premises

Q & A: Licence breach could bring closure 15 Oct 2015

I have been served with a SEction 19 Closure Notice - do I have to close?

News: Little Brother is Watching 08 Oct 2015

Licensees are entitled to install a CCTV system

Big Brother is watching but not recording 30 Jul 2015

My CCTV system did not record, have I breached my licence conditions?

Watch Out Big Brother 14 Jul 2015

Considering installing CCTV in your licenced premises. Read these guidelines by solicitor Andy Grimsey

Q & A: Concerns about a police request for CCTV footage 07 May 2015

If I disclose CCTV footage to the police, may I be in breach of the Data Protection Act?

Interviews Under Caution 04 Dec 2013

Here's what you need to know about being interviewed while under caution