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News: Gambling Commission finds failures to prevent children playing on age-restricted pub gaming machines 15 Nov 2018

Sample tests indicate failure rate up to 90%

News: Supreme Court hands down decision on minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland 15 Nov 2017

The UK Supreme Court has today handed down a decision on the Scottish Parliament’s desire to introduce a 50p per unit minimum price for alcohol.

News: More Detail on Government’s Response to HoL Committee 07 Nov 2017

Further detail on Government’s Response

News: Government Response to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Licensing Act 2003 Published 06 Nov 2017

Government responds in detail to the House of Lords Committee’s recommendations

Under 18's and the consumption of alcohol 24 Jul 2017

I run a family pub, what is the legal position on consumption of alcohol for under 18's?

A Guide to Notices Displayed at Licensed Premises 25 Apr 2017

A detailed guide about how to display notices at a licensed premise

News: Details of the first successful prosecution for “below cost selling” have been published 31 May 2016

A Gateshead shopkeeper has been convicted of below cost selling in contravention of the mandatory conditions in relation to counterfeit vodka sold at his shop premises.

Q & A: Sale of Alcohol to 16 and 17 Year Olds when Order a Table Meal 17 Mar 2016

Can I refuse a sale?

News: Check before you Serve! 18 Feb 2016

Top Tips: How to avoid underage sales

News: Beware of test sales in the new year 14 Jan 2016

Top tips on preventing underage sales.

What to expect after a failed test purchase 23 Jul 2015

My employee failed a test purchase operation carried out by the police and trading standards authority - what will happen now?

Underage Sales 2013 05 Dec 2013

Information on underage sales for alcohol, cigarettes and AWPs

Mandatory Conditions 29 Nov 2013

Further changes were made to the mandatory conditions on Premises Licences and Club Premises Certificates on 10th October 2014

Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 29 Nov 2013

What operators need to know about the practical effects of the changes introduced to the Licensing Act 2003