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A Guide to Notices Displayed at Licensed Premises 25 Apr 2017

A detailed guide about how to display notices at a licensed premise

News: Setting Boundaries 16 Jun 2016

Even though something is legal, you may your own policies and procedures to prohibit and activity.

Q & A: I am considering providing a dedicated smoking area? 14 Apr 2016

What do I need to consider?

Q & A: Electronic Cigarettes 02 Jul 2015

Should I consider banning electronic cigarettes in my premises?

News: Nipping problems in the bud 28 May 2015

Top Tips on the smoking ban and the election

News: Staying clear on smoking rules 28 May 2015

Consider nearby residents: smokers can cause noise nuisance in outside smoking areas

Underage Sales 05 Dec 2013

Information on underage sales for alcohol, cigarettes and AWPs

Smoking Problems and Noise 04 Dec 2013

How to manage smoking at your premisis

Smoke Free Premises 04 Dec 2013

You must ensure that nobody smokes inside your licensed premises