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News: Good Lords 20 Nov 2017

Government is no rush to instigate a radical overhaul of the Licensing Act 2003

Can I employ under 18's in my pub? 25 Sep 2017

Are there any restrictions under the Licensing Act 2003?

News: Tougher Enforcement... 21 Sep 2017

for Food Business Operators in Nottingham

Freedom of Choice 21 Sep 2017

Choose the Lawyers You Want!

Can I run a food business from a shop? 19 Sep 2017

Article by Alex Hutchings

News: Dust Those Notices Down 20 Jul 2017

Keep Clean and Legal

Q & A: Out with the old… 04 Jul 2017

What if I have old Licensing Act 1964 conditions on my licence?

A Guide to Notices Displayed at Licensed Premises 25 Apr 2017

A detailed guide about how to display notices at a licensed premise

News: More Changes to the Licensing Act 24 Apr 2017

The House of Lords want changes to the Licensing Act

News: Do the Merits matter Any More? 13 Feb 2017

Are licensing applications really being treated on their merits?

News: What does 2017 hold? 10 Jan 2017

What does 2017 hold in store for the licensed trade?

News: The Licensing Act Ten years on – 10 Years in ‘Review’ 02 Dec 2016

New research reveals interesting new licensing trends

News: Evidence Before the House of Lods Select Committee 14 Nov 2016

Expert opinion sought by Lords

News: Most Un-Appealing 25 Jul 2016

Reviews and Apeal processes can be difficult and costly; early intervention is imperative.

News: What will the effect of Brexit be on the Licensing Act 2003? 11 Jul 2016

There are a number of areas which may be affected by Brexit, but any impact will be subject to negotiations between the UK and the EU.

News: Lords Committee on Licensing Act 2003 seek your views 01 Jul 2016

Public call for evidence from House of Lords licensing committee, deadline 2 September 2016

News: House of Lords to Report on Licensing Act 2003 10 Jun 2016

Ad-hoc House of Lords Committee to reivew the Act

News: This is the way we like to do it here 03 Mar 2016

Each case must be reviewed on its individual merits.

News: New Bill Proposes Amendments to Licensing Act 2003 10 Feb 2016

Amendments to definition of alcohol, summary review interim steps and Licensing Authority powers to revoke or suspend a personal licence included in new Bill.

News: "New" act already 10 years old 10 Dec 2015

Time flies: the Licensing Act split initial opinions

News: Relaxation of Late Night Refreshment Licensing 01 Oct 2015

Licensing of Late Night Refreshment Relaxed

News: Liverpool City Council Late Night Levy Consultation commences today 28 Sep 2015

Liverpool City Council become the latest Authority to formally consult on introducing the Late Night Levy

News: Hackney Council Postpones Licensing Policy Consultation until 2016 13 Aug 2015

Hackney Council will continue with its current policy and re-consult on a new licensing policy in 2016

Q & A: Preventing Underage Sales at your Premises 03 Aug 2015

A useful list of 12 tools you can use to ensure that you do not break the law or fail a test purchase

Drinking or non-drinking? 30 Jul 2015

Licensing solicitor Andy Grimsey takes a look at how people are becoming intoxicated without actually 'consuming' alcohol. The article is taken from the Publican's Morning Advertiser

For the Summer Only? Don’t Hold your Breath 22 Jul 2015

There article looks at the “voluntary scheme” introduced in Newquay and Truro, where 21 licensed premises have signed up to a scheme to introduce breathalyser tests on entry.

News: Weymouth & Portland Borough Council Reject Levy and EMRO 16 Jul 2015

Weymouth & Portland Borough Council’s Licensing Committee reject proposals to introduce a Late Night Levy or an EMRO for lack of evidence to justify implementing the schemes.

Watch Out Big Brother 14 Jul 2015

Considering installing CCTV in your licenced premises. Read these guidelines by solicitor Andy Grimsey

News: Institute of Licensing Consults on draft Guidance for Licensing Conditions 22 Jun 2015

Commenting, Andy Grimsey, Solicitor at Poppleston Allen said: “The IOL is consulting members and stakeholders about its draft Guidance on Premises Licence Conditions for the Licensing Act 2003.

Q & A: Fights at Premises 04 Jun 2015

The police are threatening to prosecute - what can I do?

News: Red tape is likely to be cut 21 May 2015

Following the surprise General Election victory for the Conservatives, what can we expect in terms of further reforms to the Licensing Act 2003?

News: Helping you fully understand your powers and duties in a licensing hearing 19 May 2015

Specialist Training for Licensing Councillors, Licensing Committee Members and people within local authorities only

Q & A: Training records considered inadquate 14 May 2015

The council have suggested my training records are not up to scratch - what should I do?

Q & A: Is hosting a race night in my pub a safe bet for me? 07 May 2015

Is my licence at risk if I host a race night?

Q & A: Late night refreshment - how far does it go? 30 Apr 2015

Can I serve late night refreshment on the terrace area?

Q & A: Rights of Entry for Licensing Authorities 23 Apr 2015

Can I refuse entry to an office of the Local Authority?

Q & A: Charity winner drank bottle at village hall 09 Apr 2015

Did I need a TENs or Premises Licence?

News: Entertainment Exemptions under the Licensing Act from 6th April 2015 06 Apr 2015

Entertainment Exemptions under the Licensing Act from 6th April 2015

News: Unlimited Fines for some Licensing Act 2003 Offences 31 Mar 2015

Following the commencement of S.85 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 the 'cap' on fines which can be issued has now been removed.

News: Licensing Fees 26 Mar 2015

The Home Office published its response to the consultation on increasing fees payable under the Licensing Act 2003.

Q & A: Showing horse racing 19 Mar 2015

Can I show live horse racing on the tv in my pub?

Q & A: Inflatable Structures 19 Feb 2015

Do the same licensing rules apply to 'inflatable pubs'?

Q & A: Intoxicating Powers 19 Feb 2015

What powers do I have to eject/exclude intoxicated people from my premises?

News: Government approves Regulations modifying Personal Licence Renewal form 06 Jan 2015

The Government has finally approved the Regulations which amend the application form used to apply for the renewal of a Personal Licence

Q & A: Private Birthday Party 04 Dec 2014

What consitutes a private event?

News: Home Office Publishes Draft Guidance in respect of Regulated Entertainment 01 Dec 2014

The Home Office has published draft guidance in anticipation of deregulation in 2015

News: Home Office Issues Revised Licensing Act 2003 Guidance 15 Oct 2014

The Home Office has issued revised guidance under s.182 Licensing Act 2003

News: Reminder! Newly amended Mandatory Licensing Conditions now in force 02 Oct 2014

The newly amended Mandatory Licensing Conditions came into force on 1st October 2014

News: The implementation of the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014 12 Sep 2014

Operators requiring continuation licences must submit applications by 16 September 2014

News: New Regulations amending Temporary Event Notice forms to come into force 09 Sep 2014

TENs users must confirm if 'relevant entertainment' e.g. lap dancing or pole dancing will take place

News: New Guidance on (Mandatory Licensing Conditions) (Amendment) Order 2014 03 Sep 2014

The specific Guidance relating to the Order is intended to offer clarification on the conditions

News: Draft Order laid detailing further Entertainment Deregulation 09 Jul 2014

Draft Order laid to Further Deregulate Entertainment

News: Revised Guidance Issued Under S.182 of the Licensing Act 2003 06 Jun 2014

Guidance issued following introduction of mandatory conditions preventing sales below duty plus VAT

Drunkenness 04 Dec 2013

It's important not to sell alcohol to someone who appears to be drunk

Designated Premises Supervisor 03 Dec 2013

There must be a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) for all premises selling alcohol

Top Tips for Taking on a New Premises 03 Dec 2013

Here are our hints and tips for anyone taking on on a new licensed premises

Premises Licences 29 Nov 2013

A range of 'Licensable Activities' will require a Premises Licence