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News: More Councils removing Cumulative Impact Policy Areas 19 Jan 2021

Trafford and Hereford remove their Cumulative Impact Policy Areas

News: Government issues long-awaited COVID Guidance for licensed premises in England 24 Jun 2020

New Government Guidance details steps licensed businesses must take to remain safe

News: Compliance with licence conditions on reopening 23 Jun 2020

With the hospitality industry set to reopen from the 4th of July there are many questions on how to navigate compliance with licence conditions

News: Coronavirus: can premises offering off-sales open their toilets? 12 Jun 2020

Information in relation to premises currently offering off-sales and the impact of the Covid-19 regulations on toilet provision.

News: Coronavirus: Pre-Opening Checklist 15 May 2020

Poppleston Allen’s checklist to reopening your premises

News: Consultation open for relaxation of hours to mark 75th anniversary of Victory over Japan (VJ) Day 25 Feb 2020

The celebrations fall on the evening of Saturday 15 August 2020

News: LGA publishes Licensing Act Handbook for Councillors (England and Wales) 01 Aug 2019

New Guidebook for councillors on Licensing Act

News: Clocks set for Time Travel (British Summer Time) 15 Feb 2019

In the early hours of Sunday 31st March 2019, the clocks will once again jump forward by one hour

News: Government publishes Draft Order for the Royal Wedding 26 Mar 2018

Government publishes Draft Order for the Royal Wedding

News: Proposed relaxation in licensing hours could be the icing on the Royal Wedding cake. 09 Jan 2018

Government consult upon extension of licensing hours for the Royal Wedding.

News: Christmas TENs 20 Nov 2017

Top Tips - get your TENs in now for a happy Christmas

News: More Detail on Government’s Response to HoL Committee 07 Nov 2017

Further detail on Government’s Response

News: Government Response to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Licensing Act 2003 Published 06 Nov 2017

Government responds in detail to the House of Lords Committee’s recommendations

Maximising Trading Potential 09 Oct 2017

What are your options for maximising your trade?

News: Temporary Event Notices 24 Apr 2017

Top Tips - what you should consider when planning your TENs

News: Home Office issues revised Licensing Act 2003 Guidance 07 Apr 2017

The Home Office has today published its revised Guidance to the Licensing Act 2003 following recent changes

News: House of Lords Select Committee Report on The Licensing Act 2003 Published 04 Apr 2017

The House of Lords Select Committee on The Licensing Act 2003 publishes its report on the post-legislative scrutiny of the Licensing Act 2003

News: British Summertime Approaches 09 Feb 2017

BST don’t get caught out

Late-night boxing 30 Jan 2017

What do I need to consider if I want to stay open to shown late-night boxing to my customers?

News: TENs: Plan ahead 02 Jan 2017

Top Tips on how to start the year on the front foot

News: TENs Christmas Reminder 05 Dec 2016

Christmas 2016 TENs Deadlines

Q & A: Temporary Event Notices 02 Jun 2016

Timescales between events

Q & A: The 499 People Rule 12 May 2016

I am proposing an event for 800, what should I do?

News: Preparations for the summer weather 12 May 2016

Top Tips - How to make of your outdoor spaces

News: Further details about Queen’s Birthday extended Hours 27 Apr 2016

Further information about what licensable activities are extended on 10th and 11th June 2016.

News: Royal Birthday Wishes 10 Mar 2016

Top Tips to consider for Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations

News: Temporary Event Notices – New Allowance, Old Rules 28 Jan 2016

More TENs but follow the rules

Q & A: Changes to TENs 14 Jan 2016

More TENs means more sporting opportunities

News: New Temporary Event Notice application form issued 14 Jan 2016

15 TENs can now be issued per premises and a revised form must be used from the 2nd February

News: You can now run more events 04 Jan 2016

Latest news about the number of Temporary Events Notices allowed to be issued each year

Q & A: Missed out on changing operating hours 10 Dec 2015

If there are objections to a late TEN, there is no hearing or appeal

Q & A: Later Trading for the Christmas Period 03 Dec 2015

Do not go over your allowance of TENs because, if rejected, your can't honour bookings.

Q & A: Top tips for World Cup TENs 10 Sep 2015

The do's and dont's of issuing Temporary Event Notices

Q & A: Bike race is set to pass my beer garden 25 Jun 2015

Do I need a temporary event notice for my customers to drink outside?

Q & A: Number of TENs allowed is going up - in 2016 28 May 2015

When will the new amount of TENs allowed come into force?

Q & A: Licensing preparations for a village festival 26 May 2015

What licensing issues do I need to consider?

News: Box clever when it comes to TENs 21 May 2015

A quick guide to best practice and limits for late TENs

Q & A: Charity winner drank bottle at village hall 09 Apr 2015

Did I need a TENs or Premises Licence?

News: British Summertime Approaching - beware of the clocks going forward 05 Mar 2015

British Summertime Approaching - beware of the clocks going forward If you normally stay open beyond 01:00, then check your Premises Licence contains permission to continue trading for an additional h

Q & A: Music act limit broken 29 Jan 2015

Do I include staff and performers in my head count?

Q & A: Request for two TEN 29 Jan 2015

Do I need one TEN or two for my proposed event?

News: Home Office publish statistics on licensing 11 Dec 2014

The Home Office today published The National Statistics figures for Alcohol and Late Night Refreshment Licensing England and Wales 2013/14.

Q & A: Consequences of forgetting to apply 13 Nov 2014

What happens if I forget to apply for a TEN?

Q & A: The number of TENs for each premises 13 Nov 2014

Is the number of TENs I can have changing?

Q & A: Claiming my TEN back 30 Oct 2014

Can I withdraw a TEN so it does not count towards my annual allowance?

Q & A: Nudity by the back door 16 Oct 2014

New temporary event notice form

Q & A: Can I trade until midnight? 18 Sep 2014

Can I use Temporary Event Notices to extend my terminal hour?

News: New Regulations amending Temporary Event Notice forms to come into force 09 Sep 2014

TENs users must confirm if 'relevant entertainment' e.g. lap dancing or pole dancing will take place

News: Wales Allowed Free Temporary Event Notices for World Cup 30 May 2014

Wales allowed free TENs for World Cup

TENs - Upcoming Event Deadlines 13 Mar 2014

A guide to upcoming events that may require a Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

Temporary Event Notices 04 Dec 2013

A Temporary Event Notice, or TEN, is required before carrying out licensable activity on unlicensed premises, or when the activity is outside the scope of an existing licence

Breaching Your Licence 04 Dec 2013

Breaching your licence can result in an unlimited fine and/or six months in prison

Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 29 Nov 2013

What operators need to know about the practical effects of the changes introduced to the Licensing Act 2003

Festivals 28 Nov 2013

The ten key points for beer and food festivals, marquees and music festivals

Hot topic: Early Morning Restriction Orders (EMROs) 28 Nov 2013

An EMRO allows the Licensing Authority to restrict the early morning sale of alcohol if they consider this appropriate for the promotion of the licensing objectives