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Q & A: Serving substantial meals in Tier 2 10 Dec 2020

How a wet led bar can stay open and serve substantial meals during Covid 19 restrictions

News: The Business and Planning Act 2020 has today received Royal Assent and is in force with immediate effect 22 Jul 2020

This Act makes changes to the Pavement Licence procedure and provides off-sales to all non-exempt Premises till 2300

News: Government issues long-awaited COVID Guidance for licensed premises in England 24 Jun 2020

New Government Guidance details steps licensed businesses must take to remain safe

News: Home Office today announce planned consultation on new anti-terror laws for venues 24 Feb 2020

The proposal is expected to be out for public consultation this Spring

News: Big Mamma Opens Italian Trattoria in London, Shoreditch 25 Feb 2019

Paris-based restaurant group Big Mamma opens its first London venture called Gloria in Shoreditch

News: Poppleston Allen proud sponsors of Best Bar None Nottingham 2018 19 Sep 2018

Record number attracted to the awards

News: Good Lords 20 Nov 2017

Government is no rush to instigate a radical overhaul of the Licensing Act 2003

Entering into the festive spirit 06 Nov 2017

Try to discourage drinking and then driving

News: Tougher Enforcement... 21 Sep 2017

for Food Business Operators in Nottingham

Sales of non-alcholic / low alcohol beers 11 Sep 2017

Do I still need to operate my challente 25 policy?

News: Best Bar None Awards 04 Aug 2017

Poppleston Allen named as main sponsor of 2017 Nottingham Best Bar None Award

News: #NLW2017 04 Jul 2017

Poppleston Allen opens its door in new job swapping idea as part of #NLW2017

Q & A: Out with the old… 04 Jul 2017

What if I have old Licensing Act 1964 conditions on my licence?

News: To Buy or Not to Buy 27 Feb 2017

Top Tips - your checklist for purchasing a pub

News: Too good to be true 13 Feb 2017

Top Tips - ensure training and systems are in place to avoid sellers of fake alcohol

News: Intoxication Policy 30 Jan 2017

Top Tips for devising an effective intoxication policy

Christmas party time 28 Nov 2016

Can we hold our Christmas Party at an unlicensed venue?

News: Delivering a change to your customers 28 Nov 2016

Top Tips - things to consider if you are planning home deliveries of alcohol

News: War on London’s late night venues or demand for higher standards 19 Sep 2016

Issues faced by Fabric point to a wider problem of how we protect London's night-time economy

Jazz Festival 22 Aug 2016

Are there any restrictions I need to consider?

Can I serve an Officer who is on duty? 22 Aug 2016

Where does the onus fall?

News: Trying to find the right balance 22 Aug 2016

Is the balance fair between operators, the authorities and the local residents?

News: Help - Drunks on the Plane 08 Aug 2016

Will the irresponsible few affect us all?

Q & A: Taking advantage of a global alcohol trend 04 Jul 2016

Here’s what you need to know about delivering alcohol to homes

News: Police Powers 30 Jun 2016

The police have powers to close multiple licensed premises to prevent disorder

News: Setting Boundaries 16 Jun 2016

Even though something is legal, you may your own policies and procedures to prohibit and activity.

Q & A: No half measures 10 Jun 2016

Have I committed an offence under the weights and measures legislation?

News: That's not music, it's just a noise 10 Jun 2016

Top Tips to help reduce the risk of noise complaints

News: A Measured Approach 03 Jun 2016

Top Tips on ensuring on how to make customers aware of all measures available

News: The Lottery of a Licensing Appeal 19 May 2016

Appeal hearings - what you need know.

Q & A: The 499 People Rule 12 May 2016

I am proposing an event for 800, what should I do?

News: Preparations for the summer weather 12 May 2016

Top Tips - How to make of your outdoor spaces

News: Further Details on the Queen's Birthday Celebrations 12 May 2016

Two hour extension available to licensed premises on each day

News: The Government has announced a confused message about crime and alcohol 22 Apr 2016

Treating alcohol differently to other crimes is not a reasonable or reasoned approach.

News: Poppleston Allen Sponsored ‘Pub Oscars’ Celebrate the Best in the Business 23 Mar 2016

Celebrating 25 Years of Pub Industry Excellence

News: Royal Birthday Wishes 10 Mar 2016

Top Tips to consider for Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations

Q & A: Foolish whiskey move sees licence revoked 04 Feb 2016

I made a mistake - should I appeal?

News: Expertise crucial for high-risk task 04 Feb 2016

Bad pint and the importance of Beer Training

News: Joint schemes gain strength 04 Feb 2016

Dealing with high strength alcohol

News: Council to reconsider EMRO? 25 Jan 2016

If approved, licensed premises would have to cease selling alcohol at 02:00

News: Self Service Taps…Possible pitfalls of ‘tapping’ into DIY 14 Jan 2016

Key points to consider if want to install self-service taps?

News: Smart Residents Hold Power 03 Dec 2015

Residents ate influencing the licensing landscape

News: Avoid faults for festive success 14 Nov 2015

Be proactive to ensure your operation is in order over the festive period

News: All fright on night 22 Oct 2015

Top Tips - Hosting a halloween event can be a great way to increase footfall as well as boosting profits

News: London Borough of Camden Late Night Levy (news) 09 Oct 2015

London Borough of Camden consultation on the Late Night Levy

News: Relaxation of Late Night Refreshment Licensing 01 Oct 2015

Licensing of Late Night Refreshment Relaxed

News: Liverpool City Council Late Night Levy Consultation commences today 28 Sep 2015

Liverpool City Council become the latest Authority to formally consult on introducing the Late Night Levy

News: HMRC postpone Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme until 1 January 2016 25 Sep 2015

Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme will be delayed until 1 January 2016.

News: A game plan for Rugby World Cup 17 Sep 2015

Top Tips on avoiding a potential logistical nightmare and maximising trade

News: A possible future for pubs? 05 Mar 2015

Looking ahead 'The Pub 2020'