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News: Government issues long-awaited COVID Guidance for licensed premises in England 24 Jun 2020

New Government Guidance details steps licensed businesses must take to remain safe

News: Home Office today announce planned consultation on new anti-terror laws for venues 24 Feb 2020

The proposal is expected to be out for public consultation this Spring

News: Big Mamma Opens Italian Trattoria in London, Shoreditch 25 Feb 2019

Paris-based restaurant group Big Mamma opens its first London venture called Gloria in Shoreditch

News: Poppleston Allen proud sponsors of Best Bar None Nottingham 2018 19 Sep 2018

Record number attracted to the awards

News: Good Lords 20 Nov 2017

Government is no rush to instigate a radical overhaul of the Licensing Act 2003

Entering into the festive spirit 06 Nov 2017

Try to discourage drinking and then driving

News: Tougher Enforcement... 21 Sep 2017

for Food Business Operators in Nottingham

Sales of non-alcholic / low alcohol beers 11 Sep 2017

Do I still need to operate my challente 25 policy?

News: Best Bar None Awards 04 Aug 2017

Poppleston Allen named as main sponsor of 2017 Nottingham Best Bar None Award

News: #NLW2017 04 Jul 2017

Poppleston Allen opens its door in new job swapping idea as part of #NLW2017

Q & A: Out with the old… 04 Jul 2017

What if I have old Licensing Act 1964 conditions on my licence?

News: To Buy or Not to Buy 27 Feb 2017

Top Tips - your checklist for purchasing a pub

News: Too good to be true 13 Feb 2017

Top Tips - ensure training and systems are in place to avoid sellers of fake alcohol

News: Intoxication Policy 30 Jan 2017

Top Tips for devising an effective intoxication policy

Christmas party time 28 Nov 2016

Can we hold our Christmas Party at an unlicensed venue?

News: Delivering a change to your customers 28 Nov 2016

Top Tips - things to consider if you are planning home deliveries of alcohol

News: War on London’s late night venues or demand for higher standards 19 Sep 2016

Issues faced by Fabric point to a wider problem of how we protect London's night-time economy

Jazz Festival 22 Aug 2016

Are there any restrictions I need to consider?

Can I serve an Officer who is on duty? 22 Aug 2016

Where does the onus fall?

News: Trying to find the right balance 22 Aug 2016

Is the balance fair between operators, the authorities and the local residents?

News: Help - Drunks on the Plane 08 Aug 2016

Will the irresponsible few affect us all?

Q & A: Taking advantage of a global alcohol trend 04 Jul 2016

Here’s what you need to know about delivering alcohol to homes

News: Police Powers 30 Jun 2016

The police have powers to close multiple licensed premises to prevent disorder

News: Setting Boundaries 16 Jun 2016

Even though something is legal, you may your own policies and procedures to prohibit and activity.

Q & A: No half measures 10 Jun 2016

Have I committed an offence under the weights and measures legislation?

News: That's not music, it's just a noise 10 Jun 2016

Top Tips to help reduce the risk of noise complaints

News: A Measured Approach 03 Jun 2016

Top Tips on ensuring on how to make customers aware of all measures available

News: The Lottery of a Licensing Appeal 19 May 2016

Appeal hearings - what you need know.

Q & A: The 499 People Rule 12 May 2016

I am proposing an event for 800, what should I do?

News: Preparations for the summer weather 12 May 2016

Top Tips - How to make of your outdoor spaces

News: Further Details on the Queen's Birthday Celebrations 12 May 2016

Two hour extension available to licensed premises on each day

News: The Government has announced a confused message about crime and alcohol 22 Apr 2016

Treating alcohol differently to other crimes is not a reasonable or reasoned approach.

News: Poppleston Allen Sponsored ‘Pub Oscars’ Celebrate the Best in the Business 23 Mar 2016

Celebrating 25 Years of Pub Industry Excellence

News: Royal Birthday Wishes 10 Mar 2016

Top Tips to consider for Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations

Q & A: Foolish whiskey move sees licence revoked 04 Feb 2016

I made a mistake - should I appeal?

News: Expertise crucial for high-risk task 04 Feb 2016

Bad pint and the importance of Beer Training

News: Joint schemes gain strength 04 Feb 2016

Dealing with high strength alcohol

News: Council to reconsider EMRO? 25 Jan 2016

If approved, licensed premises would have to cease selling alcohol at 02:00

News: Self Service Taps…Possible pitfalls of ‘tapping’ into DIY 14 Jan 2016

Key points to consider if want to install self-service taps?

News: Smart Residents Hold Power 03 Dec 2015

Residents ate influencing the licensing landscape

News: Avoid faults for festive success 14 Nov 2015

Be proactive to ensure your operation is in order over the festive period

News: All fright on night 22 Oct 2015

Top Tips - Hosting a halloween event can be a great way to increase footfall as well as boosting profits

News: London Borough of Camden Late Night Levy (news) 09 Oct 2015

London Borough of Camden consultation on the Late Night Levy

News: Relaxation of Late Night Refreshment Licensing 01 Oct 2015

Licensing of Late Night Refreshment Relaxed

News: Liverpool City Council Late Night Levy Consultation commences today 28 Sep 2015

Liverpool City Council become the latest Authority to formally consult on introducing the Late Night Levy

News: HMRC postpone Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme until 1 January 2016 25 Sep 2015

Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme will be delayed until 1 January 2016.

News: A game plan for Rugby World Cup 17 Sep 2015

Top Tips on avoiding a potential logistical nightmare and maximising trade

News: A possible future for pubs? 05 Mar 2015

Looking ahead 'The Pub 2020'