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News: Government issues updated Guidance for Restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services 26 Nov 2020

Revised guidance for England with changes to local restrictions on 2nd December included

News: NEXSTART Q&As on Coronavirus Regulations and Compliance 16 Oct 2020

Q&As on current compliance issues that have been identified across England

News: 10 pm curfew and table service for certain premises take effect today 24 Sep 2020

Further restrictions apply

News: New Face Coverings regulations include bars, restaurants, pubs etc 23 Sep 2020

New rules for customers and staff in licensed premises in England

News: New Test and Trace and Social Distancing Regulations for operators 17 Sep 2020

New rules place obligations on licensees

News: New Regulations permit re-opening in England from 4th July 03 Jul 2020

Bars, pubs and other licensed premises to re-open tomorrow

News: Business and Planning Bill timetable – an update 01 Jul 2020

New legislation being scrutinised by House of Lords

News: Draft Guidance issued for new Pavement Licence legislation 25 Jun 2020

Further detail provided by government

News: Government Guidance on Pubs, Bars and Restaurants - some initial thoughts 25 Jun 2020

Our view of some of the main issues raised by the recent guidance

News: Government issues long-awaited COVID Guidance for licensed premises in England 24 Jun 2020

New Government Guidance details steps licensed businesses must take to remain safe

News: Coronavirus: Updated Guidance including Government’s Roadmap 11 May 2020

Poppleston Allen’s updated guidance note to Coronavirus and the impact on licensing

News: Coronavirus: Poppleston Allen's guide to Coronavirus and the impact on Licensing 09 Apr 2020

Poppleston Allen's guide to Coronavirus and the impact on Licensing

News: Home Office today announce planned consultation on new anti-terror laws for venues 24 Feb 2020

The proposal is expected to be out for public consultation this Spring

News: House of Lords Publishes Report in to Costal Town Regeneration 08 Apr 2019

The report recognises the importance of hospitality in the regeneration of seaside towns.

News: Thunderbird Fried Chicken launches permanent site in Brixton 28 Feb 2019

Thunderbird Fried Chicken, founded by former Nascar driver Matt Harris, has opened its first site in Bixton, south London.

News: Big Mamma Opens Italian Trattoria in London, Shoreditch 25 Feb 2019

Paris-based restaurant group Big Mamma opens its first London venture called Gloria in Shoreditch

News: Food Safety Withdrawals and Recalls in the UK... 21 Jan 2019

The fundamental principle in the regulations, is that food shall not be placed on the market if it is unsafe. When a product is required to be withdrawn from the market or recalled due to safety conce

News: Right to Work – Changes to Licensing Forms 19 Dec 2018

New Application and Notice Forms for Licensed Applications following Updated List of Documents to Evidence of Individual’s Entitlement to Work in the UK.

News: Alcohol licensing at airports 01 Nov 2018

The Government calls for evidence

News: Revised Guidance issued by Government 24 Apr 2018

Updated Guidance in light of recent legislation

News: Seizure, Prohibition, Forfeiture & Destruction... does the FSA have the power? 25 Jan 2018

A Birmingham based meat supplier finds itself in a very difficult position – what powers does the FSA have, and how might this affect you as a customer?

News: Food hygiene – be a cut above! 18 Jan 2018

Restaurant fined £50K breaching Food Hygiene Regulations

News: Good Lords 20 Nov 2017

Government is no rush to instigate a radical overhaul of the Licensing Act 2003

News: Licence to serve 10 Nov 2017

If you are in the licensed trade and running a restaurant then there are a few points that you will need to consider in order to have the correct permissions in place for certain activities.

News: Hostile Transfers 06 Nov 2017

Regaining a premises licence from a former tenant can cost landlords dearly

News: Dropping Standards 09 Oct 2017

Cleanliness: standrds must be monitored and maintained

Under 18's and the consumption of alcohol 24 Jul 2017

I run a family pub, what is the legal position on consumption of alcohol for under 18's?

Q & A: I would like to sell different curries and complement them with craft beers 04 Jul 2017

What do you advise as my starting points?

Hot drinks at night 19 Jun 2017

Ensure late-night refreshment is allowed

News: Don't Slip Up 19 Jun 2017

Top Tips - a simple four step solution on matters of health

News: Overhaul of appeals process 22 May 2017

Will Planning departments be looking at licensing appeals?

Environmental Health Investigation of incident at work 08 May 2017

Am I at risk of prosecution?

News: Allergens 08 May 2017

Top Tips - avoiding problems with allergens regulations

A Guide to Notices Displayed at Licensed Premises 25 Apr 2017

A detailed guide about how to display notices at a licensed premise

News: When is a representation not a representation? 27 Mar 2017

Representations against an application must be valid or will not be considered.

Q & A: Premises to be leased 27 Mar 2017

My lease is subject to the grant of a Premises Licence

Pavement Licences 15 Mar 2017

What do you do when permission for a pavement licence is revoked?

Child Employment 06 Mar 2017

Can I employ and under 16 year old?

Selling Alcoholic Ice-Cream Desserts 27 Feb 2017

Do I need to do anything other than putting all material information on the menu?

News: Do the Merits matter Any More? 13 Feb 2017

Are licensing applications really being treated on their merits?

Q & A: Helpful Licensing Ideas 24 Jan 2017

After a complaint over the sighting of a rat my local EHO has inspected my kitchen and said he has found some evidence of a rat infestation. Now he’s asked me to close the kitchen. What should I do?

News: Rateable Values 31 Oct 2016

Licensees can expect confirmed rates in April next year

News: Statement of Licensing Policy (SOLP) 03 Oct 2016

The Statement of Licensing Policy is key in the decision making process.

News: Dangermouse 19 Sep 2016

Top Tips on how to avoid food safety offences

News: Use of Social Media 22 Aug 2016

Top Tips - 8 useful tips on considering the use of social media

News: Trying to find the right balance 22 Aug 2016

Is the balance fair between operators, the authorities and the local residents?

News: Top Tips on avoiding food scandal issues 08 Aug 2016

Consider systems to have in place so everyone is vigilant with food orders

News: Tip Tips on the use of CCTV 11 Jul 2016

What are your responsibilities in terms of the data you hold by way of CCTV footage?

News: What will the effect of Brexit be on the Licensing Act 2003? 11 Jul 2016

There are a number of areas which may be affected by Brexit, but any impact will be subject to negotiations between the UK and the EU.

Q & A: Changing your operation 04 Jul 2016

Points to consider if you are considering extending your opening hours

Q & A: Taking advantage of a global alcohol trend 04 Jul 2016

Here’s what you need to know about delivering alcohol to homes

News: Sittin' in the morning sun 04 Jul 2016

Things to consider if you want to take advantage of your outside spaces

News: Time for a change 16 Jun 2016

Top Tips on the processes for changing the terms of your premises licence

News: Cheltenham Borough Council take first steps to abandoning the Late Night Levy 13 Jun 2016

Cheltenham Borough Council to introduce a Business Improvement District

News: House of Lords to Report on Licensing Act 2003 10 Jun 2016

Ad-hoc House of Lords Committee to reivew the Act

News: Is there something serious lurking in recent brewing boom? 02 Jun 2016

Publicans are managing the food side of allergens well, but can the same be said for the beer and wine?

Q & A: Licensing Relaxation for the Queen's Birthday 02 Jun 2016

What does the Order cover?

News: Automatic Enrolment Pensions 26 May 2016

All employers must now put certain employees into a pensions scheme and contribute

Extended licensing hours for the Queen's 90th Birthday 19 May 2016

Does this apply to me?

News: Preparations for the summer weather 12 May 2016

Top Tips - How to make of your outdoor spaces

News: Further Details on the Queen's Birthday Celebrations 12 May 2016

Two hour extension available to licensed premises on each day

News: Alfresco Entertainment 05 May 2016

Top Tips: How to get the best from your beer garden

News: Making Plans for Nigel 05 May 2016

Treat your plans the same way you do your licensed hours and your conditions

There's a rat in the kitchen 14 Apr 2016

EHO wants me to close my kitchen - what do I do?

News: How would you describe the model licensee? 07 Apr 2016

Top Tips - qualities to look for in a DPS.

News: Dealing with Enforcement Action 24 Mar 2016

Top Tips: Cooperating with Licensing and Police Officers will make a difference

News: Late Night Levy – An update 24 Mar 2016

Could there be a sensible alternative to the Late Night Levy?

Q & A: Sale of Alcohol to 16 and 17 Year Olds when Order a Table Meal 17 Mar 2016

Can I refuse a sale?

News: Royal Birthday Wishes 10 Mar 2016

Top Tips to consider for Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations

Q & A: Personal Licence Expiry Date 25 Feb 2016

Are we ok to ignore the expiry date shown on the personal licence?

Q & A: Possession of a personal licence 25 Feb 2016

Should a member of staff carry their personal licence with them?

News: The role of the DPS 25 Feb 2016

Selling alcohol without a licensed DPS could lead to a jail sentence

News: Check before you Serve! 18 Feb 2016

Top Tips: How to avoid underage sales

News: "Fire, Fire" 18 Feb 2016

Avoid facing a trial by fire.

Q & A: What is a Freedom of Information Information Request? 18 Feb 2016

How you make a request?

News: Temporary Event Notices – New Allowance, Old Rules 28 Jan 2016

More TENs but follow the rules

News: "New" act already 10 years old 10 Dec 2015

Time flies: the Licensing Act split initial opinions

News: Profit by putting food on board 19 Nov 2015

Top Tips - enhance your kitchen operation

Q & A: Operating a licence when works not completed 08 Oct 2015

Can I trade under my newly granted licence before the works have been completed?

News: Get your pub out of the firing line 01 Oct 2015

It is important to maintain all fire-safety equipment

News: Liverpool City Council Late Night Levy Consultation commences today 28 Sep 2015

Liverpool City Council become the latest Authority to formally consult on introducing the Late Night Levy

News: Make sure due diligence is right 24 Sep 2015

Top Tiips on why you and your staff must know the four licensing objectives

News: Set the benchmark for rates 24 Sep 2015

Why is th rateable value of your property important?

Q & A: Variation unsuccessful 24 Sep 2015

What are my options when a minor variation is refused?

News: The risk of fire hazard rules 17 Sep 2015

Are you fire safety compliant?

News: Liverpool City Council decide to consult on a Late Night Levy 09 Sep 2015

Liverpool City Council Licensing Committee to consult on a Late Night Levy

News: Liverpool City Council Late Night Levy 04 Sep 2015

Liverpool City Council Licensing Committee to decide on consultation for a Late Night Levy

News: Fighting the cause effect 03 Sep 2015

A representation against a variation must be about the effect of it on the licensing objectives.

News: Keep on top of your paperwork 03 Sep 2015

Ensure your paperwork is in order to avoid enforcement action being taken.

News: Home Office announces new measures to deal with illegal immigrants. 26 Aug 2015

Operators employing illegal workers could lose licence under proposed legislation.

News: Be prepared for pub inspections 20 Aug 2015

Here are some useful tips on what to look out for

News: The impact of public health 20 Aug 2015

The work of public health teams will enhance the decision-making process for those applying for licences

Licensed Trade Guide (2017 edition) 14 Aug 2015

Announcing the new Licensed Trade Guide 2017. Written by seven leading solicitors, this handy pocket-sized reference guide helps you understand the basics of how licensing law affects your business.

News: Even tougher than before 06 Aug 2015

Is there a hardening of attitudes against the industry?

News: How to get the holidays covered 06 Aug 2015

Do I need temporary staff to cover for holiday leave?

News: The London Restaurant and Casual Dining Market 03 Aug 2015

London Licensing Partners Clare Eames and Lisa Inzani take a look at the London Restaurant and Casual Dining Market; Trailblazers, Trends and Licensing Landscape

News: Outdated plans can cost dearly 25 Jun 2015

Here is our checklist of what must be shown on your plans

News: "Experts" are proved wrong 18 Jun 2015

Maybe no Madrid or Bologna but certainly not Armageddon

News: Don't be a noisy neighbour 18 Jun 2015

How to prevent neighbours from being affected by noise from your premises.

News: The dangers of barring entry 04 Jun 2015

It is perfectly lawful to refuse entry and no reason has to be given. However . . .

News: Staying clear on smoking rules 28 May 2015

Consider nearby residents: smokers can cause noise nuisance in outside smoking areas

News: Red tape is likely to be cut 21 May 2015

Following the surprise General Election victory for the Conservatives, what can we expect in terms of further reforms to the Licensing Act 2003?

News: New food offer: what to consider 14 May 2015

You need to register as a food business at least 28 days before you start operating.

News: Allergen advice must be correct 07 May 2015

Its important to update ingredient infrmation in this ongoing process.

Q & A: Late night refreshment - how far does it go? 30 Apr 2015

Can I serve late night refreshment on the terrace area?

News: Make your summer a breeze 23 Apr 2015

Sprucing up your Beer Garden for the Summer

News: Permission to use pavements 23 Apr 2015

Handy points to note of the permissions required

News: Face a licensing hearing and win 09 Apr 2015

Top tiips on evidence and tactics

News: Timescales clearer on deregulations 09 Apr 2015

The most eagerly awaiting provision is the requirement to renew personal licences is abolished

Q & A: Licence applications within a cumulative impact policy area 02 Apr 2015

Will my licence application be refused as it falls within a cumulative impact area?

News: Decoding premises licences 02 Apr 2015

Decrypting a premises licences - here are some examples

News: Young and Enthusiastic 26 Mar 2015

Top tips in considering employing youngsters within the trade

News: If music be the food of pubs . . . 19 Mar 2015

PPL and PRS licences are required when playing recorded music in public

News: When it is right to refuse service 19 Mar 2015

Refusing service and denying entry are always tricky issues - here is our overview of the main legal and operational points to bear in mind

News: An enforcement visit could await 05 Mar 2015

Consider our top tips on a proactive approach to enforcement visits

News: Variations to the premises licence 26 Feb 2015

Tops tips to consider prior to lodging your variation application

News: Planning ahead 12 Feb 2015

Top tips on your approach in attempting to obtain planning permission for changes made under relaxed planning rules

News: Austerity affects authorities 05 Feb 2015

When experienced council licensing officers disappear, the process becomes tougher

News: Licensing changes never end 11 Dec 2014

The year of deregulation

News: Stocking fillers for the new year 11 Dec 2014

Tips which may help you focus and increase the chances of obtaining a satisfactory decision before a Committee

Videos 20 Mar 2014

Information, advice and much more - view all our videos

TENs - Upcoming Event Deadlines 13 Mar 2014

A guide to upcoming events that may require a Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

Q & A: Nomination notice 06 Mar 2014

What is a nomination notice and how does it apply

Case Studies 27 Feb 2014

We've put together a few common scenarios for the licensing industry. Would you know what to do in these situations?

Licence2View 24 Feb 2014

Licence2View is our secure website to check the progress of your applications, highlight issues, manage your licensing, and see the details of all your licences

Premises Application Online 21 Feb 2014

Premises Licence Form

Change of Designated Premises Supervisor 21 Feb 2014

Change of Designated Premises Supervisor Application

Change of Designated Premises Supervisor Application 21 Feb 2014

Welcome to our Vary Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) instruction form

The Regulatory Trade Guide 06 Dec 2013

The Regulatory Trade Guide is a handy pocket-sized easy reference tool. It provides some basic guidelines to the areas where difficulty most frequently arises and has easy to read bite-sized chunks

Licensed Premises: Law, Practice and Policy - Second Edition 06 Dec 2013

Poppleston Allen has contributed towards several chapters of the Second Edition of Philip Kolvin's book, Licensed Premises: Law, Practice and Policy.

Potential Development Appraisals 05 Dec 2013

It's not always easy to establish whether a premises will be acceptable for licensed activities

Outside Seating 05 Dec 2013

Outdoor tables and chairs can help you maximise the potential of your business

Listed Building and Conservation Areas 05 Dec 2013

Various regulations cover changes to listed buildings, or properties in conservation areas

External Heaters and Cigarette Bins 05 Dec 2013

Even outdoor heaters and cigarette bins can have planning implications

Awnings, Advertisements and Signage 05 Dec 2013

Business signage and external advertising can both have planning implications

Planning Applications 05 Dec 2013

Our Planning Team can advise you in relation to all planning applications

Planning Appeals 05 Dec 2013

Planning appeals are a vitally important part of the planning process

Our Planning Services 05 Dec 2013

In order to provide our clients with a first class integrated planning service to compliment all of your licensing requirements, Poppleston Allen retains the Consultancy Services of Jonathan Phillips

Introduction to Reviews & Enforcement 05 Dec 2013

How can we help you with your Reviews and Enforcement issues?

Underage Sales 05 Dec 2013

Information on underage sales for alcohol, cigarettes and AWPs

Planning Enforcement Investigations 04 Dec 2013

With a fall in the number of new planning applications, enforcement offers are starting to concentrate on enforcement investigations

Interviews Under Caution 04 Dec 2013

Here's what you need to know about being interviewed while under caution

Health & Safety / Food Safety 04 Dec 2013

Environmental Health officers will carry out inspections of your licensed premises

Corporate Manslaughter 04 Dec 2013

Companies can face prosecution for any fatality within the workplace

Staff Caught Speeding 04 Dec 2013

What should you do if you are caught speeding?

Smoking Problems and Noise 04 Dec 2013

How to manage smoking at your premisis

Food Safety Problems 04 Dec 2013

Here's what you need to know about Food Safety problems at your premises

Health & Safety Problems 04 Dec 2013

Here's what you need to know about Health & Safety issues at your premises

Temporary Event Notices 04 Dec 2013

A Temporary Event Notice, or TEN, is required before carrying out licensable activity on unlicensed premises, or when the activity is outside the scope of an existing licence

Breach of Mandatory Conditions 04 Dec 2013

What happens if you breach the mandatory conditions of your licence?

Breach of Premises Licence Conditions 04 Dec 2013

What should you do if you find yourself in a Breach of Premises Licence Conditions situation?

Breaching Your Licence 04 Dec 2013

Breaching your licence can result in an unlimited fine and/or six months in prison

Doorstaff 04 Dec 2013

Licensees must ensure that their door staff are licensed with the Security Industry Authority

Drugs Awareness 04 Dec 2013

It's important to be on the lookout for both drug users and drug dealers

Drunkenness 04 Dec 2013

It's important not to sell alcohol to someone who appears to be drunk

Due Diligence 04 Dec 2013

Good policies, procedures and training can help provide a Due Diligence defence

Noise 04 Dec 2013

Here's what you need to know about noise issues at your premises

Police Closure Powers 04 Dec 2013

The Police have powers to close a licensed premises to prevent disorder

Reviews 04 Dec 2013

The Licensing Authority can review a Premises Licence at any time

Smoke Free Premises 04 Dec 2013

You must ensure that nobody smokes inside your licensed premises

Trading Standards Weights and Measures 04 Dec 2013

Trading Standards Officers have a wide variety of responsibilities and may well visit your premises.

Q & A: Underage Sales - Failed Test Purchases 04 Dec 2013

What to do if you are notified by the police that your premises have failed two test purchases in the last couple of months.

Variation of a Licence 04 Dec 2013

The plans of the premises form part of the Premises Licence and should be sent out by the Licensing Authority

Licensing in Scotland 03 Dec 2013

There are significant differences between the licensing regime in Scotland and that in England and Wales

Insolvency or Death 03 Dec 2013

When a Premises Licence Holder becomes insolvent, the holder of the licence dies or is no longer entitled to work in the United Kingdom, the transfer of the premise licence can sometimes be overlooked

Absence of a Personal Licence Holder 03 Dec 2013

Authorising your staff to sell alcohol

Top Tips for Taking on a New Premises 03 Dec 2013

Here are our hints and tips for anyone taking on on a new licensed premises

Application Fees 29 Nov 2013

Here's our guide to calculating Application Fees

Premises Licences 29 Nov 2013

A range of 'Licensable Activities' will require a Premises Licence

The Live Music Act 2012 29 Nov 2013

Here is what you need to know about hosting live or recorded music at your premises

Pavement Licences 29 Nov 2013

To put tables and chairs outside your premises a number of factors need to be considered to ensure the correct permissions are obtained

Other Forms of Licences 29 Nov 2013

Playing recorded music or showing films/DVDs will require additional licences

Mandatory Conditions 29 Nov 2013

Further changes were made to the mandatory conditions on Premises Licences and Club Premises Certificates on 10th October 2014

Personal Licences 29 Nov 2013

For the first time there are two separate licences; one for an individual and one for the premises.

Club Premises Certificates 28 Nov 2013

The Club Premises Certificate is the mainstay of a club's operation

Appeals and Judicial Reviews 28 Nov 2013

You can appeal against the decision of a licensing committee