Q&A Helpful Licensing Ideas

January can be a tough month for alcohol sales.January can be a tough month for alcohol sales.

A. You are right that January can be a challenging time but being innovative with your offer can set you apart from the rest and draw in much needed trade.  A few ideas are:

  • Focus on promoting your non-alcoholic drinks offer.  Dry January is as popular as ever but that does not stop people socialising.  Chances are you have done some promotions for designated drivers throughout December so why not reinvent those for January and aim it towards those who are tee total until February;
  • Look at your food offer.  January is a good time to reinvent your menu and focus on where you can discount food or offer something a little different.  Lots of customers are watching their waistline after Christmas over-indulgence so incorporating a few healthy options into your menu could boost trade; and
  • If you have not already done so, consider a coffee and cake offer.  Pubs are becoming popular alternatives to coffee shops and a cup of coffee and cake is a cheaper alternative to a meal and drinks for those who are tightening the purse strings after Christmas.

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