Big Brother Breakdown

  • Date: 06 March 2017
  • Author/Solicitor: Carl Weston
  • Source: Reproduced from the Morning Advertiser

Q:  I have a condition on my licence saying that my CCTV system must cover all public areas and be operating at all times.  However, two of my cameras have gone down and the engineer is not coming out until next week.  I can hardly be expected to close the pub until he comes but I am worried what the Police will do if they find out.  What should I do?

A:  I suggest very strongly that you get the engineer to come out this week.  I do not know the exact wording of your CCTV licence condition but you must comply with it unless you have a reasonable excuse, which in your case might be difficult to argue.  I can assure you it is much cheaper paying for enhanced call out fees than for a licence Review or legal advice  to deal with a Closure Notice issued for breach of your licence conditions.  You may also want to speak with the Police and Licensing Authority for specific advice about your particular conditions.