Pub Betting Regulations 23 Jun 2016

Can customers log into their own mobile betting accounts whilst sat in my pub?

No half measures 10 Jun 2016

Have I committed an offence under the weights and measures legislation?

When door staff numbers do not add up 09 Jun 2016

How do I request a change to a condition in relation to door staff numbers?

Licensing Relaxation for the Queen's Birthday 02 Jun 2016

What does the Order cover?

Temporary Event Notices 02 Jun 2016

Timescales between events

What gaming can take place in my pub? 26 May 2016

Being new to the licensed trade, what do I need to check to ensure I am legally sound for gaming to take place in my pub?

Can I trust a cheap wholesaler? 19 May 2016

How do I check if a wholesale is a registered wholesaler?

Negative "vetting" 12 May 2016

The police are threatening to review my licence

The 499 People Rule 12 May 2016

I am proposing an event for 800, what should I do?

Can I serve drinks from a camper van? 05 May 2016

What permissioon do I need?

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