Bottomless Beer Promotion 24 Mar 2017

Can I offer bottomless beer to get people in to my pub for sports events?

Adult Gaming Machines in Pubs 23 Mar 2017

Can I Use These in Licenced Premises That Allow Children

Using Wi-Fi for Betting 23 Mar 2017

Should I be preventing this on Licenced Premises?

World Day for Health & Safety at Work 10 Mar 2017

How can I impress the owner of my bar who is running a health & safety audit?

Testing extended hours – the power of TENs 09 Mar 2017

Testing extended hours – the power of TENs

Trading your Outside Areas – What to Consider 09 Mar 2017

Trading your Outside Areas

Helpful Licensing Idea 02 Feb 2017

My staff and my customers are very much looking forward to National Pizza Day on the 9th February. To celebrate, I would like to set up a pop up pizza oven next to the bar to serve pizzas throughou

Helpful Licensing Ideas 24 Jan 2017

After a complaint over the sighting of a rat my local EHO has inspected my kitchen and said he has found some evidence of a rat infestation. Now he’s asked me to close the kitchen. What should I do?

Helpful Licensing Ideas 24 Jan 2017

I am looking at ways of generating income in January but I am struggling to think of ideas. January is always a challenging time as most people are not drinking and trying to save money!

Changing your operation 04 Jul 2016

Points to consider if you are considering extending your opening hours

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