A Guide for Operators in Handling Drunk Customers

Everything you need to know about dealing with intoxicated people in your operations

If you are an operator of licensed premises, you know that dealing with drunks can be a hazardous ordeal. On top of causing you and your teams hassle, they can give you the operational headache of a potential health and safety breach. And if drunkenness becomes commonplace in your operations, it can lead to a loss of reputation and – even worse – loss of your license.

To help, Poppleston Allen has produced a simple training pack for operators and staff so they understand, amongst other issues:

  • Their legal responsibilities when serving alcohol to persons who may be drunk;
  • The signs to look for to accurately spot a person who may be intoxicated’;
  • Tips on dealing with customers to ensure those who are intoxicated are not served or, if too late, how you deal with them; and
  • The difference between a legal – and illegal – drinks promotion; something that often trips-up even the most careful of operators

As added protection for you, each pack comes with a certificate for your staff to sign to prove that they have read the pack, something that local authorities might view favourably, should any issues arise.

Each pack costs just £10, why not make it the very next thing you do?

Please note

The pack is provided as a download only. Once your order is complete you'll receive a download link for the guide and accompanying certificate.

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