News Government clauses tabled on Cumulative Impact Assessments and Late Night Levy

Government clauses amending the Late night levy and placing cumulative impact policies on a statutory footing have been tabled in Parliament today, for introduction to the Policing and Crime Bill at Lords Committee (for debate in mid October). At the time of writing the clauses have not been uploaded to the Parliament website but the link is:
The amendments are proposed to:

  • Make the levy more flexible by allowing licensing authorities to target specific geographical locations (rather than, as now, the whole of the local authority area);
  • Extend the levy to include late night refreshment outlets (with the exception of premises which sell hot drinks only);
  • Enable Police and Crime Commissioners to request the licensing authority to consult on introducing a levy; and
  • Require licensing authorities to publish information about how funds raised by the levy are spent so that those paying it are clearer about how it is being used.

The aim of putting Cumulative Impact Policies on a statutory footing is to add legal certainty and transparency for applicants, licensing authorities and other responsible authorities on how CIPs are developed and operate. The draft legislation does not require all licensing authorities to consider cumulative impact. CIPs will have to be reviewed every 3 years.
We will give you more information once it is to hand.
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