Other Forms of Licences

Playing recorded music or showing films/DVDs will require additional licences

If you have music playing in your premises, music DVDs or indeed you wish to show a film then the following licences may be required:

  • PRS (Performing Rights Society) - where you play recorded music
  • VPL (Video Performance Licence) - if you show music DVDs without making a charge
  • PVSL (Public Video Screening Licence) - allows films to be show in the background and for you to use your own videos or DVDs
  • Single Titles Screening Licence - this is a one off licence to show a film where you are able to advise the screening and charge an entrance fee
  • PPL (Public Performance Licence) - where you play recorded music publicly.  
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Film Bank

Under UK copyright law, a venue wishing to play a film in public will generally require the consent (licence) of the copyright owner before doing so. If you are playing films outside your home, you will need to obtain a licence to do so. You must ensure you are showing your films within the law and are screening films legitimately. Visit Filmbank for your licence requirements