TENs - Upcoming Event Deadlines

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TENs: Upcoming Event Deadlines

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At a time when we're bombarded with information, we believe our TENS alerter service cuts through all the noise and delivers an essential service to licensees to help protect and grow their businesses. We're delighted with the simple yet effective nature of the system and are confident that it will not only help people to remember to issue their TEN, but it will alert licensees to upcoming events that they might want to make more of in their venue and as such, drive revenue.

The system has been designed to notify operators of key events - alerts will be sent for a variety of occasions including Halloween, St Patricks Day, Valentine's Day, major sporting events and Bank Holidays. The full list of events is below. The sporting events we have chosen are those at unusual hours or those which may require additional licensable activities, and therefore require a TEN.

You will receive the email and/or text 7 days before the deadline for the standard TEN for the event. It is good practice to submit your TEN as soon as you can rather than wait for final day. If 7 days means the reminder were to fall on a Saturday/Sunday we nudge the reminder to the Friday instead so you receive the alert on a working day.

For sporting events longer than a day, such as the Wimbledon or cricket test matches, we are only notifying you of the first day of the event.

We will update and we may change the events listed below.

For more information on Temporary Event Notices, including "late" TENs please see our dedicated guide to TENs.

There are currently no upcoming events listed. Please check back soon.

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