Q&A Nomination notice

I am the Designated Premises Supervisor of a premises which is part of a large managed pub chain. I recently received a visit from a police officer who told me that I did not have the required nomination notice in relation to the premises licence. I have no idea what he meant by this and I was too embarrassed to ask. I also don't want to ask my area manager. Can you tell me what a nomination notice is please?

A: Section 57 of the Licensing Act 2003 states that the holder of a premises licence must ensure that the premises licence or a certified copy of it is kept at the premises in the custody or under control of the premises licence holder, or a person who works at the premises and has been nominated in writing to fulfil that role.

There is also a requirement to display both the premises licence summary and a notice confirming the position held by the person nominated to keep the premises licence under their control.

Therefore you should have a notice at the premises confirming that the company which holds the premises licence nominates you as responsible for ensuring that a copy of the licence is kept at the premises.

The premises licence holder is committing an offence if it fails to comply with these requirements and can be subject to a fine of £500. I would therefore advise you to speak to your employers and ensure that the correct notice is displayed.