Introduction to Reviews & Enforcement

How can we help you with your Reviews and Enforcement issues?

You have the relevant licences; you’re running your business.

The spotlight is very much focused on the licensed trade and reviews and enforcement are commonplace. Local authorities and the Police can come at you from lots of different directions.

We tend to call this area of law Regulatory Crime as many of the Regulatory offences can be prosecuted under criminal law in the Magistrates’ Courts (with the exception of Reviews that are dealt with by the Local Authority). Prosecutions can give rise to large fines running into thousands of pounds and many powers of closure which can be exercised against your business so it’s essential to have the right procedures in place.

About Us

With his background in criminal law, Graeme Cushion, Partner, has particular skill in respect of criminal and regulatory crime ancillary to licensing. He is assisted by Andy Grimsey and Steve Burnett who both have backgrounds in criminal law.

Licence 999 website

In case of any licensing emergencies which are out of hours (whether you are a client of not) you can contact Licence999, our emergency helpline telephone number. For more information please see the Licence999 website.