Gaming Machines

Under the Gambling Act 2005, gaming machines fall into a number of categories depending on the limits on the stakes and prizes.

Fruit machine

Gambling premises are entitled to different numbers and categories of gaming machines.

All businesses which manufacture, supply, install, adapt, maintain or repair gaming machines must apply for a gaming machine technical operating licence.

If you need assistance with gaming machine technical operating licences then please do contact us.

Machine category Maximum stake Maximum prize
A Unlimited Unlimited
B1 £5 £10,000 (*£20,000)
B2 £100 £500
B3 £2 £500
B3A £2 £500
B4 £2 £400
C £1 £100
D* 10p/30p** £5/£8**

* A category B1 gaming machine can have a maximum prize of £20,000 where it is a linked progressive jackpot. 

** A category D gaming machine can have different maximum stake and prizes depending on the type of machine:-

  • Where the prize is money the maximum stake 10p and cash prize £5
  • Where the prize is not money the maximum stake is 30p and the maximum prize value is £8
  • For mixed money and non money prize gaming machines the maximum stake is 10p and maximum prize value £8 of which £5 can be cash
  • For crane grab machines only, which have non money prizes, maximum stake £1 and the maximum prize value £50
  • For coin pushers or penny fall only the maximum cash stake is 20p and maximum prize value is £20 which can include up to £10 maximum of cash