About Us Free 30 Minute Face to Face Consultation

It is always best to sit down and talk about your business to ensure that it is fully understood

We are therefore offering a free 30 minute face to face consultation with one of our experienced team. We will find the right person to see you depending upon whether your query relates to licensing, gambling or regulatory issues.Visit either of our offices in London or Nottingham. Remember there is absolutely no cost for this consultation. We will identify the most appropriate solutions to your enquiry, and advise the best course of action giving you an indication of the likely costs. For licensing enquiries, this may involve us examining your existing premises licence and carrying out a licensing "health check".Here are some examples of the issues that we could help with:-

  • Setting up for the first time and need a new licence?
  • Are you considering running a pub, nightclub, restaurant, arcade or bookmakers?
  • You have had an enforcement visit from the Police or licensing team
  • Poker in pubs - what are the rules?
  • Your licence is being reviewed
  • A DPS change is required
  • Trading Standards have carried out a Test Purchase operation
  • You are being prosecuted for a food safety violation
  • What are the rules relating to tables and chairs on highways?
  • Can you show me an example of a training record or refusals register?
  • Maybe you have a new and unique idea for a gambling website?

So please join us for a coffee to discuss how we can help grow your business or protect it from actual or potential enforcement.

Interested? Arrange a Meeting

If you are interested in meeting with us for your free 30-minute consultation, please complete this form. Once submitted, we will then contact you to arrange a time that is convenient for you to visit us.